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Funny funny. (funny TV/movies)

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ETA update: What do you find funny that you can't believe other people don't?

This is a sister thread to Unfunny funny. In that thread it's things you find funny that you can't believe other people do find amusing. This is the opposite of that.

What do you find so incredibly funny that, when you hear someone doesn't like it, your first instinct is to browbeat them into submission until they agree with you?

Here's a couple of shows that I can't believe people don't find funny:

For me it's Red Dwarf (not the later series though). Clever sci-fi plots mixed with great humor and great performances from the actors. I love this show.

Blackadder (not the first series so much); Richard Curtis + Ben Elton + Rowan Atkinson et al = pure funny.

The Office (UK): Ricky Gervais is brilliant. The Extras wasn't as good as The Office by any means, but Ricky's just so darn compelling to watch.

The Office (US): I started off not liking this; the first episode contained too much that I was familiar with from the UK version. But after seeing The 30-Year-Old Virgin and loving it, I thought I'd tune in again. Low and behold, Steve Carell is funny (just in a different way than Ricky) they seemed to be doing their own thing with it. Now it's probably the best American comedy on TV. Which ain't saying much.

ETA: This can be a TV show, movie, person, situation, joke...anything that you find funny but maybe some other people don't. Like, I find marionettes inherently funny. When I saw the trailer for Team America World Police I was killing myself whereas the two guys I was with sat in silence not finding it the least bit funny. Needless to say I didn't go see the actual movie with dem two b!tches.
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To Pixelle- Did you see the recent one-off episode? If not, make sure you do when you get the chance. Did anyone else see it?
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