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Frugal Bicycle Thread

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This thread comes with approx 3k investment in bicycles/related stuff

and a lot of time learning things. By reading all the links above,

several things are greatly simplified for those following this path.

Bicycles and frugality seems greatly undermined in the frugal

community, no solid comprehensive articles exist in this regard. This

thread is an attempt about getting a frugal bicycle and the savings it

has on our lives. I wanted to do this thread for a long time and have

been dealying it. Will slowly do this piece by piece based on the

experience I have so far.

By just having a bicycle instead of a car, one can save between 20K to

40K in two years (this is just my rough estimate). Moreover, there are

several other advantages to cycling as discussed here:

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Good idea for a thread. I'm overhauling my bikes with a view to start riding again, inspired by the TDF.

BTW - The bicycle trailer link doesn't seem to work.

And I'm narky that you've been veg for a year longer than I!
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Thanks for these links. I know there aren't many responses, but I want to reassure you that the information you've provided is not going unused.
Thank you. I'll keep note of this thread in the event I get a job that does not require me to have and use a car.
You can get a Burley trailer or a Wike trailer or perhaps this one ( Although I've never heard of Tony's Trailers. Also, just because you have a bicycle doesn't mean you can't do a move by bicycle (if it's within relatively close area -- I won't be able to do it from Toronto to NYC).

Example of moving by bicycle:
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