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Frozen Veggie Meals

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When I went vegetarian, I sort of pictured the meals I'd be eating to be an array of different veggies, beans/tofu for protein, and for the most part pretty natural. And I imagined making my food myself so my mom wouldn't have to deal with it and all would be right in the kitchen.

Fast foward to now, my mom insists on still cooking a seperate meal for me, and most of the time it consists of a frozen, veggie tv dinner type thing. I understand that this is quick and easy for her, but I'm a little tired of eating these processed meals every night, every day of the week. I've offered countless time to prepare my own food on the occasion (though i'd happily do it every night), but she insists she's fine doing it. She's not though, because I've heard her complain about having to make two sets of meals every night. does anyone else have a problem like this? if so, how can i convince my mom that letting me make my own food would save both of us a lot of trouble?
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I agree with Moonjumper, don't ask your mom if you can do it take the inecitive and show your mother that you can and will cook for yourself. I know it may sound mean but you have to lay down the law, it's your body and if you don't want overly processed frozen veggie dinners in it you shouldn't have to eat it.

You may have a few dissagrements with your mother, and that can be hard if you two are close, but when you look back on it in a few years you'll both be happy that you stood up to the plate and did what needed to be done.
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