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friends who are rude about veganism - reputable sources that defend veganism?

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hello! :)
after watching countless documentaries, doing research, and just reflecting i've decided i want to go vegan for sure. it is partially the health benefits (i am trying to lose weight) but it primarily about cruelty and the environment.

in the past i've been a yo-yo dieter with vegetarianism. the thing that has always messed me up is how critical my friends are. i'm in high school, so driving around and eating out and staying at friends' houses all put me in uncomfortable situations in this regard. however, often instead of just letting me prepare my own meals, my friends think it fit to criticize my choices. i can handle a little teasing except that i am very self conscious of comments on my diet since i am overweight. how can i stop this?

also, one friend in particular today informed me that it was dumb and dangerous of me to do this. the thing is, i KNOW it's not! what is a reputable source i can get information from that supports veganism? i really, really want to be informed and able to prove people wrong when they try to prove me wrong. >:D

thank you so much!
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Where are you getting this attitude? By "watching countless documentaries, doing research and just reflecting"?
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I don't feel it should be about proving them wrong, if they are your friends, they will accept you. Let them know you don't appreciate being teased for making such an important personal decision. If they don't stop, I guess you know who your friends really are. The environment and animal rights are more than enough reasons to be a vegan, otherwise, tell them to look it up. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone, just be happy with who you are. *squeezes
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Have them over at your house and make nothing but delicious vegan food, like home made pizza rolls, or cut up apples and oranges, things like that. If you go out, check the restaurant's website and see if it have anything vegan on it. If it doesn't, recommend a different place to eat. Good luck with everything.
There's a lot of power in what NDCarothers said "You don't have to prove yourself to anyone, just be happy with who you are"
Within that we learn the best things to do and say.
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You shouldn't have to prove yourself to anybody.

My mates are a bunch of beer drinking, meat eating, close minded alpha males but because I'm happy with my decisions and don't care what anyone thinks it's fine. They just let me get on with it.

Occasionally I'll get the odd comment but I'm quite aware that they're usually trying to put me down to make them selves feel better about eating meat and having no values of anything.
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High school is a difficult road to navigate. Sometimes being more lighthearted when being teased can defuse the situation.

"Why are you vegetarian? "I want to murder as many carrots as I can." Or "I want to be a giant hipster pain in the butt in college, so I am practicing now. Anyone have any ugly bowling shoes in a Size 9?"

"Come on, have a burger with us!" "It's ok, me and my French fries will watch you guys eating the burgers."

In other words, deflect, and they will soon get bored of teasing you.
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High school is a horrible time for anyone who is different. There is a great emphasis on conformity while pretending that you are all out there doing your own thing. In the mean time, you are actually doing your own thing, and you get teased. Sad. Makes me mad. I was teased and bullied all through high school because I was different. Once I graduated, I never looked back. I don't remember a single person from HS. They were all worthless. (Some teachers were nice and inspired me though).

Dumb and dangerous? By doing this early, you are avoiding many of the worst diseases of civilization! Heart disease, rapid aging, diabetes! I wish I had become a vegan in high school! Stick with it!

High school is temporary. All those things that seem life and death now, you will laugh at later.

Dr. John McDougall is a good source and has some Youtube videos out there so you can get the schooling on plant based diets.

I am sure others will give you some more sources.
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no source is reputable for people who don't want to see the truth.

There's plenty of sources if you google! I remember an NHS article about health and plenty of irrefutable Articles about the environment.
for animal abuse use one of the undercover vids.
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I wish I'd gone vegetarian as a teenager, let alone vegan! I'm in awe of teens who even attempt it.

I'm not sure what your friends are like, when I was in high school we used to rip on each other a fair bit, but if someone said that it was too much or we'd gone too far, we'd always apologise and not do it again. I'm hoping your friends are like that.

If they're not or you don't feel confidant to tell them that their comments are hurting you, then try to see what they're saying with their comments.

For example, your friend who says a vegan diet is "dumb and dangerous". What they might actually be trying to say is "I've been told this sort of diet will hurt you, I don't want you to be hurt, please don't hurt yourself".

Resources I'd look into would be the Vegan RD, but also Colleen Patrick-Goudreu if you're able to listen to some of her podcasts about how to speak to people. Same with Dr Melanie Joy. They both talk about how we can answer some of those questions people have surrounding veganism. Depending on where you are, your government health recommendations probably say it's perfectly fine to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet. The U.N says we need to move to a less animal heavy eating pattern.

What comes across as criticism is often just someone trying to find a way to ask, without sounding like they're interested.
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