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Loss of a single species from its ecosystem affects others that rely on it. The disappearance of one plant species may affect an entire food chain. Starting with insects that live or feed on the plant, moving on to the birds and frogs that eat the insects, and ending with the larger animals like snakes, hawks, and foxes that prey on the birds and frogs.

Over 1,000 different species in the United States are listed as endangered or threatened.

Many people think that animals like whales, eagles, and wolves are the only endangered species. Other endangered or threatened organisms include specific species of shrimp, frogs, butterflies, grasses, spiders, fish, clams, rice, snails, turtles, birds, orchids, squirrels, mice, deer, bats, and cacti.

The Endangered Species poster may be ordered from the National Service Center

for Environmental Publications (NSCEP); EPA Publication Number is 735-F-94-014.

Click on the pictures below to learn more about these endangered species!
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