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I have a question regarding raw diet for pets, but not sure if it's been answered before. If so, I apologize. I did a search and it kept telling me it was too broad, no matter how many words I threw in there.

I have a dog and two cats, all of which are fed raw, the dog getting partially raw and partially home-cooked. For my dog and one of the cats, it is a health issue. The dog had colitis on every major dog food available, and the cat had IBS from any carbs in his diet. Both are healthy now, and the last cat just does well on raw.

They eat a lot of meat. I tend to feed the cats ground turkey and the dog tolerates pork and beef but not chicken. I hate, hate, hate having to buy cheap meat because I know where it came from, and they eat so much of it. I can't afford to buy the pasture-fed meat (it's $14 a pound at Whole Foods).

I've been feeding the dog a more expensive pre-made frozen food from Whole Foods called "Country Pet Naturals," which is free-range, grass-fed venison in New Zealand, but that's expensive, though at $4 a lb, it's tolerable.

Still, I feel bad. What do you raw-feeders do, and how do you deal with how you feel about farming? I was thinking about getting offal just because that's reject meat, it's good for animals, but it's not the stuff that really drives the economy. I'm in a conundrum.

Your thoughts? Thanks!
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