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What are foods that you found that you love fter you became a vegetarian. I've only been a vegetarian for a month, but I've discovered

Alomond milk, butter, and ice cream
Sweet potatos
Kidney beans
Bell peppers
Dark chocolate(I always ate milk chocolate before)

What about you?

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Almond Milk
Fakin Bacon
Almond butter
Raw cashews
Better than Cream Cheese (it really is!)
Udon noodles
soba noodles
Boca Spicy Chick*n patties

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Alpro Soya Chocolate Milkshake... yum!
Green & Blacks dark chocolate
Panda Soft Vegan Licorice and the jelly babies are nice too
Holland & Barrett shredded coconut
Provamel soya yogurts and chocolate mousse
Holland & Barrett Egg free mayonaise
Holland and Barrett dairy free cheese flavour sauce

I'm no good at cooking, I tend to snack ^^

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I've tried so many foods since becoming vegan, my favorites are:

Coconut Bliss Ice Cream
Bell Peppers
Almond milk
Briana Salad Dressings

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Indian and Thai curry. I mean I loved both since long before going vegetarian, but now I am more focused on the various spices, all of which are incredibly fragrant. Nothing produces an aroma like making a veggie curry from scratch, complete with garden grown basil.

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Wow, so much, I can't remember all of it off the top of my head!

Almond milk - I hated dairy milk but I love Silk PureAlmond milk, especially with some vanilla extract

Soy milk - I've had frozen Silk chocolate soy milk recently everyday at school and I love it. Way better than dairy milk

Earth Balance - My family has always covered everything in better. We even fry spaghetti in butter. I was shocked to find Earth Balance is even better than butter!

(Honestly, Almond/soy milk and Earth Balance have been the things that keep me vegan, because I know if I ate milk again my family wouldn't buy me these, so it gives me some motivation to put up with it being really hard to be vegan in my town in my family, because I get to keep my Earth Balance and Silk milks!

Boca Chik'n patties - Now when I see commercials for chicken sandwiches on tv or see people eating chicken like that I always just think of it as Boca automatically and crave it. I didn't like the fleshiness of actual chicken sandwiches, but I like the taste and texture of Boca, so for some reason I confuse myself when I see actual meat and think it's just fake chik'n

Pita bread with hummus - so amazing. Easy, delicious, wonderful combination.

Unfrosted PopTarts - PopTarts used to make my throat itch a lot, but since switching to the vegetarian ones, they don't anymore, so I must've been allergic to something in them

Clif bars - I love Clif and Clif crunch bars. They've been getting me through walking through 105 degree weather everyday for an hour after school to get home, because they give me some energy, sugar to keep my blood sugar from getting wacked out like it normally does around that time after school, and they're delicious snacks

Lentils - Delicious, I call lentils baby beans because they're so cute and little. I love lentil soup

Black beans - just a can of black beans by itself, in the salted water or whatever that liquid is, is delicious. I don't like to put it in a tortilla or add anything to it, I just eat it like a soup and I love it

Any can of beans, really - just like I eat the black beans, like a soup

There's probably a lot more but I'm way too tired to think

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Nutritional yeast - my husband and I put it in everything now
Indian food - nothing like a good vegetable curry!
Pretty much all vegetables - before I went veg*n, there were only a half dozen or so vegetables I would eat (and my husband only ate broccoli when we met!). Now I pretty much eat all vegetables, and I love them all!
Mustard - great to add flavour without fat
Hot sauce - when I cut my cheese intake, I needed something else to drown my food in. Enter Chipotle Tabasco sauce <3

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Indian food.
Brussel sprouts.
Thai food.

edit: and many, many other things.

I'd say by cutting out 15% of the food I once ate, I expanded my love of food by 90%.

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There are so many, some are:
Seitan, Tofu, Quinoa, Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Chickpea Salad, Indian Food
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