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Food tracking app/device

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I am just wondering if you use health apps/devices to monitor your food intake. I personally tried myfitnesspal, but I can't adhere to it. What types of features do you look for when you consider apps/devices for food consumption? More importantly, what keeps you motivated to use it?

Is there a food monitoring app/device that suits you now?
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I use myfitnesspal. I like the layout and ease of logging workouts, food, nutrition intake, etc.

For instance, yesterday I hit twenty days of logging in and logged my weight, seven pounds over those twenty days.
My fave is Cronometer. I use the app for iPhone. Works well.

I was motivated to use it when I tweaked my caloronutrient ratios 6 months ago. I don't use it much any more now that I have a good grip on my diet.

I only used it for food. Never for exercise or anything.
I use an excel spreadsheet with pre planned meals and their nutritional value on it. I've tailored each meal to have a certain amount of calories in it so I can easily swap them around depending on what I feel like eating that day.
MyfitnessPal! I've lost about 30 pds since January 2013 using it, and it tracks you month by month on a timeline; really makes me feel great :)
I've tried several of these. Fitday is good but it's more for logging in food than a complete package of fitness, healthy habits, etc. I also like Cronometer for the food log but not for anything else. I recently put in my stats and it suggested that I need to eat 800 calories to lose a pound a week! 800? I don't think so... (and I know it's not true from other daily calorie intake tools that I've looked at, which all give me a range closer to 1400-1500).

The one that I like the best is Sparkpeople. It has a lot of great support and the layout is pretty easy to use. It also has a blog, a place where you can make inspirational "stickies" that flash on your homepage to keep you motivated, and a tracker for other health habits (like drinking enough water or getting enough sleep).

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