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At first, when I stopped eating meat. I wasn't sure about what to eat. Now I feel like I have many more options than before. I have more variety in my diet and I am discovering new foods I like all the time. I ate a lote of vegetables before, but it was pretty expensive to buy both a lot of "good" meat and vegetables. The things that cost the most now are the occasional soy sausages.

I have a few questions:

Is it possible to maintain a vegetarian diet without eating meat substitutes like quorn, tofu and the like? Which one/ones of the existing meat substitutes are most and least processed?

At first I was pretty much always hungry, and I have realised I need to eat more often and with more variety than before. Some things make me really full fast though. What foods do you find to be really filling?

I wanted to have an English breakfast today, so I made scrambled eggs, with baked beans (from earlier this week), an avocado and some rye bread. I managed to eat a slice of bread, the avocado and a few bites of baked beans and eggs. Normally I need to eat more to get full. Did you notice that here was a period of adjustment when you started a vegetarian diet?
Maybe that you needed to eat more at first but as you found the foods that worked for you, you found som sort of balance?

I guess I sound like a broken record, but I don't have many vegetarian friends, and I just feel like sharing the fact that I feel amazingly good not eating meat. I feel lighter and just happy with my choice
Hi and welcome! That English breakfast sounds delicious

There is definitely an adjustment period at first, and I've found eating more often and bigger portions is a nice bonus to cutting out meat. And it's very possible to be vegetarian without any tofu or meat substitutes if you don't like them or want to avoid them for health reasons. I suggest looking at vegetarian recipes and getting ideas for things you like, this is a fantastic site to start:

And another good one:

Also, one thing that really helped me when I first started was seeing what other vegetarians actually eat every day! Here are three great threads with literally thousands of ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner:!-%28

Hope that helps, enjoy!
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