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Flyers about chicken slaughterhouses?

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I am going to have a mini-protest in honor of the opening of a new meat-centric fast food joint near me (I would be more specific, but will err on the side of anonymity).

I will have a sign, but not, say, a blown-up photo of chicken carcasses; I have found while protesting other stuff that it's more effective to get people's attention by being funny or entertaining, not by making them want to look away.

However, in case anyone asks for more info, I would like to have something to hand out to people about chicken slaughterhouses.

I have been searching the internet for stuff, but most of the chicken lit pertains to egg production, and in this case, my focus is meat.

I can, of course, make my own little flyer or handout, but having something professional-looking to give out would be ideal.

Any suggestions or links would be very welcome.

Thanks! <3
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If you go on they have great resources such as flyers! You can order free flyers and you might get more than you needed. You can get buttons stickers and what you need flyers!

Hope this helps
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