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Flyers about chicken slaughterhouses?

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I am going to have a mini-protest in honor of the opening of a new meat-centric fast food joint near me (I would be more specific, but will err on the side of anonymity).

I will have a sign, but not, say, a blown-up photo of chicken carcasses; I have found while protesting other stuff that it's more effective to get people's attention by being funny or entertaining, not by making them want to look away.

However, in case anyone asks for more info, I would like to have something to hand out to people about chicken slaughterhouses.

I have been searching the internet for stuff, but most of the chicken lit pertains to egg production, and in this case, my focus is meat.

I can, of course, make my own little flyer or handout, but having something professional-looking to give out would be ideal.

Any suggestions or links would be very welcome.

Thanks! <3
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I will check out United Poultry Concerns = thanks!

EDIT: I did!
And they had the perfect stuff! Ordering some for the protest :)

re: slaugherhouses
I was reading that book... I forget what the exact title is... something like: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows.

And I realized that:
1. I can't keep reading about stuff that happens in slaughterhouses, at least for a while --

2. If I can't handle READING about it, what a nightmare it is not only for the animals, but the people who work at these places! As the author points out, you have to be a sociopath not to mind killing animals all day.

3. Since a lot of people simply don't give a you-know-what about animals (even the cute and fuzzy ones) I think changes in slaughterhouses are most likely to come about if they're in service to working conditions for humans.

I've got to think that ways to kill animals that are least stressful to the animals have to also cut down on the stress experienced by humans.
I have trouble with slaughterhouse stuff too. Just give it some time, it can be really confronting and you don't HAVE to read it. Doing so can cause burn out, so you're making the right choice to take a break.

While I absolutely do understand what you mean, by trying to bring about change by focussing on the humans, unfortunately some of the things animals have done to them have been brought about because it's 'better' for the humans. Tail docking in the dairy industry is done because the constant movement of the tails, annoys the humans who are fixing the machines up to the udders of the cows. Branding of animals is done so that the humans can tell who they own. A lot of stuff is actually done in the name of convenience for humans already.

Though, I think pointing to the fact that abattoir workers are more likely to abuse alcohol and be violent in their homes is a good starting point. I mean, these people wouldn't have to kill animals if other people didn't eat them, right?
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