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I noticed that other people were posting up cool flash links, such as the one with the scally kid buying various items underage. However, there are so many more flash games and cartoons which actually do push the envelope. I can't program flash myself, but I can appreciate some of the great work done using it.

here are some of my favourites:

"Deep fried: Live" is an excellent flash cartoon series. It follows an octupus chef who tries to make food. It's very well researched, and the recipes are actually real. Unfortunately, out of the six episodes available, none of the recipes are vegan, and the net episode doesn't look like it will be (It's called "Steak") but it's very funny. And interactive.

I found this earlier today. It's called "Lego Treasure Hunt" It's a brilliant game, with puzzles, and you have to use your head a bit. And it was made using real-life lego sets. It doesn't get much better than this!

Xiao Xiao #3: Some guy made a series of about ten cartoons and games using flash. The premise was very simple: Stick figures + mindless violence. However, it is not fully mindless violence. There's some excellent kung fu in there. However, the third in the series generated the most attention, and for a great reason. Chances are that you'll have seen this already, but it's still just as good the eighth time round as it was the first. It truly is amazing to watch, even though it is stickmen.
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