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Ok heres the story, for many years I and other like minded people have been using a dedicated stretch of canal in a local nature reserve for canoeing. Of the 30 miles or so of canal and river we have access to three quarters of a mile, but at least we get some. But anglers get access to the whole lot, even though its a nature reserve and I spend hours every week rescueing swans etc with hooks in their beaks, saddly I've had to give up trying to rescue fish that have been hooked too many times, instead we end their suffering the best way possible.

Anyway two swan sanctuaries release on this stretch of canal, so we have a slight over population of swans, so yes we get attacked (especially by the ones that remember the last time we caught them, they always blame me, sod the fact I saved their life, just kill on sight), so we have to learn ways to get them to stop trying to kill us, these include shouting at them, splashing them, firing water pistols at them, and some times you can just paddle towards them and they will back down, according to our local granny brigand (a group of old ladies in rain bonnets and macs who feed them processed bread every day till the swans are ill) this means that the swans are stressed by our presence.

Recently the canal fishing rights changed to a different group, and a notice has appeared, stating that at this time of year 'human intervention' is unwise and will lead to too much stress for the birds and so they might not breed. So we can't paddle, but they can hold fishing matches.

Now canoeists and fisher men can get along, but not us and this lot, we force them to keep raising their rods as we go up and down, and so we tend to spoil their fishing

So where there was once a small number of canoeists who kept the water moving, checked on the swans and other birds, removed the shopping trolleys, called the police when the local kids started throwing stones at the swans, rescued the birds when they were trapped by fishing line, and help rehabilitate the released birds by getting close enough to look at any injuries scars wounds etc, and generally kept our selves to our selves, there is now a bunch of fish, bird killing idiots who litter and leave their lines for everyone else to get tangled in. Oh and the granny brigade, ared with their twelve loaves of white cheap bread.

Any once else think this is not what animal rights are about.
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