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Unsuitable or incorrect fixings may lead to early failure of a fire rated door. It should be kept in mind that fire-resistance tests are currently carried out on doorsets or assemblies that are supplied as new, without any cycling requirements to test the performance of the fixings. Since requirements for metal doorsets vary according to the manufacturer, it is essential to ensure that there is sufficient body in any door leaf or frame to accommodate the door hardware. It is no use relying on a thin facing and a soft-core material to achieve a firm fixing.

Places with high traffic and rough door use will require a steel stiffened fire door, while a Mineral Core fire door will do in places with moderate traffic. Mineral cores also serve those facilities well that require custom made doors to compliment its aesthetic settings.

Doorset and door assembly manufacturers and suppliers are expected to take account of these matters but, where the components are supplied to site from separate sources, there is less likelihood of such co-ordination. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the client and the purchaser or installer to ensure that the installation is correct.

Regular maintenance of all supporting door hardware is essential. A six-monthly inspection program should be introduced to ensure that all components are serviced on a regular basis. Poor maintenance can lead to the failure of a door in daily use, resulting in the possible loss of life, as well as damage to the building and its contents.
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