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> AAA World magazine, January/February 2003 issue, page 24.<br><br>
> Animal lovers who want to fly with their pets finally have an option<br><br>
> beyond checking their furry friends like baggage. Companion Air, a<br><br>
> start-up set to take its first flight early this year, is the first<br><br>
> airline created specifically for pets and their guardians.<br><br>
> Pets fly in secure travel kennels in a special pet cabin area of the<br><br>
> plane, adjacent to the human passenger seating. Barring turbulence<br><br>
> and other in-seat restrictions, pets can visit the human passenger<br><br>
> section, one at a time. Humans can visit their pets in the pet<br><br>
> section anytime.<br><br>
> A roundtrip "pampered comfot" fare -- 14-day advance purchase,<br><br>
> departure may "flex" by a day -- for one human passenger and one pet<br><br>
> roundtrip between New York and Washington, DC, cost around $500.<br><br>
> Compared with the price of transporting a human and a large animal on<br><br>
> a major airline -- Northwest Airlines charges $299 each way for a<br><br>
> large animal, plus the human fare -- Companion Air is downright<br><br>
> reasonable.<br><br>
> For more information on fares, services and schedules, visit:<br><br>
> <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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