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Has anybody seen the new Sweeney Todd film? how good is it? fantastic or super-amazing?

I'm in the UK soon and can't wait to go to the cinema. but I'll only have time to see 2 or 3 films and there seem to be masses that I quite fancy on at the moment.

so recommendations of what you've seen lately would be greatly appreciated.

Oh how excited am I!!!!? English cinema .....whoooo hooooo!!!!!!

*getting over excited - must have a sit down and a glass of water*
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I'm actually missing American cinema. Earlier releases of like 95% of films, better theatres, more theatres, and don't even get me started on the price (about 15 bucks is the going rate around here).

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I haven't seen it but I know a few people who have and the review was mixed, pretty much half and half. I'm sure that helps a lot.
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The film was fantastic - excellent camera work (which needs the big screen for full impact), the acting was superb and the storyline was classic.

There are some really dark, atmospheric moments that really build up the excitement, although this is sometimes reduced by the more boring and lengthy songs (the "music" part of the musical has not been significantly adapted and I would have liked to see it changed).

You also have to worry about your own morals as a viewer... I won't go into that yet though, if you haven't seen it yet

But you can beat the irony of a good old family musical with an 18 certificate!
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Honeysuckle..did you want this in the UK thread? I know you're headed this way, but there is a movies thread in the Entertainment Forum, and I'm pretty sure there's been some Sweeney Todd conversation.
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