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Oh boy!

Listen, we all make mistakes. My bigest one was to revert to a Pescetarian lifestyle, to which I regretted and switched quickly back to Veganism. Although my mistakes have never had to do with fashion, I have shared enough in your guilt to know how you feel.

Why are you vegetarian? I am guessing - due to the issue that you are facing at the moment - that you went veg for ethical and moral reasons. If I am correct, then maybe the best thing would be to return the shoes (if possible). If it is not possible, do not just throw them away. That would be stupid, for plenty of people would die to have a pair of new and warm shoes.

If you feel guilty for a purchase that you have made, I can't really help you much. Some of us may have been in the same situation, but just that will not be able to lighten how you feel. Silk is certainly bad, but it is not the worst product you could have supported.

My advice: Sometimes we have to give up things that we want. Would I like the sexy and nice-feeling silk button-up shirt? Maybe, but I won't buy it. I know where I stand on the issue. Then again, I won't condemn others for buying it either.

Find your boundaries, and don't allow outside pressure to get to you.


Good Luck!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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