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Favourite savoury pancake fillings?

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What are everyone's favourite savoury pancake fillings? Looking for inspiration for tomorrow. I'll probably do leeks and 'cheese' sauce, but what else?
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What kind of pancake? I love samosa filling in just about anything. It's so good I'll put it in crepes, between bread or on top of crusty bread like foccocia (sp?). V'con (I think) suggests putting it in a baked potato and in a pancake would probably be delicous. As would chilli, and taco type stuff

Ok now I'm hungry.... lol
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I like shredded veggies (zucchini, carrot, potato usually) and basil or parsley or both.
I like shredded zucchini and potato! I don't know what kind of sauce though?
Blintzes with ricotta cheese (made from tofu of course) and fruit topping or

potato with onions, with some vegan sour cream

Also folded in half and filled with mushrooms is nice, makes the plate look fancy.

I fill them with apple sauce, or whatever fruit I have and maybe crushed nuts for breakfast.

My favorite breakfast filling/crepe desert is sliced bananas and walnut pieces with some butterscotch schnapps or amaretto all fried together. mmmm
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