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Have you found nifty, fun, or useful veg*n apps for your smartphone (e.g., Andriod, iPhone, etc)?

I really like VeganIsEasy. It has a listing of hundreds of alcoholic products that are classified in three categories: Vegan-Friendly (containing no animal products and is not produced using animal products [e.g., filtration]), Vegan-Optional (having some products or variations that are Vegan-Friendly, or Not Vegan-Friendly (containing or produced using animal products). It often includes transcriptions of responses directly from the manufacturer.

VeganYumYum is a nice veg*n recipe app. Gonna test it out this week.

Animal-Free is an app that lists ingredients and additives that are often both ubiquitous and vague. For each entry, it lists what the ingredient is in lay's terms, how it's produced, what it's produced from, and whether it's animal or plant derived.
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