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Mmm, I just discovered lime yogurt.

My favorite brand is at Kroger- it's their store brand and it's called Carb Control or something like that. It's got 3 grams of sugar and 12 grams of protein, which is great for me because I have blood sugar problems. It also tastes super creamy and good.

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Originally Posted by evan_fabiani View Post

i cant find yogurt anywhere without gelatin. lookin in the wrong places??
Many, if not all, of the light yogurts are made with gelatin. If you have a Trader Joe's nearby, their organic yogurt is not only gelatin-free, but AMAZING.

I just remembered that I e-mailed Dannon on it. This is the response I got:

Thank you for contacting the Dannon Company concerning Gelatin. The gelatin used in our products provides the proper consistency and texture for the blended style yogurts. It is certified K Kosher because it is derived from the pure, inedible collagen of beef hide. If you cannot eat the animal gelatin, I would suggest that you would try one of our traditional yogurts: Plain or Lowfat Flavored, which do not contain any gelatin.

Current Dannon Flavored Yogurt Flavors (6oz)




Current Dannon Flavored Yogurt Flavors (32 oz)


Current Dannon Plain Yogurts (assorted sizes)

32 oz Lowfat Plain

6 oz Lowfat Plain

32 oz Nonfat Plain

6 oz Nonfat Plain

32 oz Natural Fullfat Plain Yogurt (certain areas only)

Dannon DanActive, DanActive Light, Frusion, Light n' Fit Smoothie, Light n' Fit Carb & Sugar Control Smoothie, Danimals Drinkable and Danimals XL also do not contain any gelatin.
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