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Guy drives right through garage door and up on top of car? Vehicle sex is messy too?
*Looks up "Vehicle Sex"...*

Says: "Vehicle Sex is disingenuous sex sought in surrogate epiphany happening to any, but usually abandoned cranky vehicles over-excited by garage beatbox hiphop in exhaustive jump mode, all in desperation for a better life, and on the virge of automotive articulation, actually only end up on the virge humping rendering the beastial archetype leap into a new mode of car behaviour, flaunting tyre tractions and fair play distractions to up the anti of passing vehicles folly to the fawn of protoype pre-empt and raunchy rev sounding cars in the same mode of progenous appetite. It must be noted such vehicle craze is largely unexplained, but NOT AN UNKNOWN COMMODITY IN THE INDUSTRY (which does not exactly seek to suppress the sexual power of vehicle fercundity in mainstream marketing where safety is actually secondary concern ~urban legend has it~ in favor more of the dark desirous exploits of white knuckle humping of the nominal beast in question, be it leisure driven or counter cruise) sooo is this ladies and gentleman the darkmost secret and transmutated message we the public ought believe?? Sublimative to the power of horse and reigning cascade of blanket advertizing of modernday extractions of mind, cars and their automotic paraphenalia unleash a new potency of would-be illegal genre, but vital in the battle of new-wave crede to outdo competitors doing the do of chasse agrandizement to make a pretty sum make and a hefty breath of WTF, encoutrements and gadgets all held high in the stakes of cutting edge manufacturers, suggesting to the general public all is not lost for us humans if even vehicles have the necessary drive and the palm in hand key to auto-erotica, slap & tickle/ rush & roulette/ smash & Grab antics out on the roads today..... Word from your paranormal auto-erotic tabloid man!! (LOL, eeesh, really??, no word for word, really!!)

I DARE SAY officially the word is ALL SUCH CAR INCEST is against the protocol and advice of vehicle manufacturer (governmental decree)... NONTHELESS it is forewarned to all car-owners, this is no matter of being in a line of descent at the wrong time, therefore potentially any vehicle, flash or boringly dull is liable to have encounters of oncoming head-hunting debauchery of other horny vehicles entering a stage of rutt"
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