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I grew up with wonky bloodsugar. I had three children and with my last I developed gestational diabetes. My blood sugar just hasn't been the same since.

A few things that help me are the following:

Your blood sugar is lowest in the morning for sure. If you work out first thing in the morning make sure you get something to eat. I like a smoothie or sprouted toast with almond butter. For a smoothie I might use a small banana, some rice or hemp protein powder, Vitamineral greens, ground flax and water or UNSWEETENED soymilk. If you throw in some strawberries or blackberries it hides the hemp, greens and flax really well.

Sprouted bread is amazing stuff for your blood sugar. It's hard to get used to, but there are some times in life where you just suck it up and decide to change.

Eat salads before any meal that you can stomach it!

Take it easy and carry around a bit of a snack whenever you are out. A half a cliff bar, a smoothie in a thermos. You don't want to play around with your blood sugar. Your goal should be to eat well, exercise regularly and keep it balanced.
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