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You need meals with equal amounts of protein, complex carbs and fat. No simple sugars at all. The more fiber, the better. Eat small frequent meals. Large meals that distend the stomach cause more insulin release. Protein, fat and fiber will slow down your absorption of carbs so you stay level instead of having extreme highs and lows. Look at your diet. Too many carbs, your pancrease is working overtime. Hard to do on a vegetarian diet, but still very important. You will find it challenging, for sure, but its the only way to get better. You should never eat a carb food alone if you have either hypo or hyperglycemia. (unless you're having an extreme low blood sugar emergency) Remeber complex food, long digestion is the better way to go. Eating regular cereal and milk is no different than shooting sugar into your veins. Then, in your case, your pancrease overreacts and sends you into a low. Its a vicious cycle.
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