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(original Nigerian version)
Bobo waro ferro Satodeh (2x)
Bobo waro (4x) Bobo waro ferro Satodeh

English: Everybody loves Saturday night (2x)
Everybody (4x) Everybody loves Saturday night.

Italian: Tutti ama sabato serra
Yiddish: Yeder ener glacht shabbas ba nacht
French: Tout le monde aime samedi soir
German: Eider Man hat dem Samstag Abend
Portuguese: Todos gostan dos sabados a noite
Danish: Alle elsker Lordag asften
Norwegian: Alle elsker Lorday kveld
Spanish: El sabado ama todo el Cmundo
Czech: Kazdee mah rahd Saotoo vye'cher
Dutch: Ledereen find Zaterdag avond fyn
Finnish: Yokinen rakastah lauwandai illtah
Hungarian: Mindenkee Serret sumbut Eshteh
Japanese: Da' re demo do yo' bi gasuki'
Lithuanian: Visih meelih soobatos vakarra
Mandarin: Ren ren shi huan li pai loo
Polish: Kazhdeh loobya sabaute vietcher
Russian: Vsyem nra'vit soobohta vyecheram
Sierra Leone: Mawfay moni s'mah hah bekay
Singhalese: Samadana sanasurade vakarra
Slovenian: Kazhday lubee sobautu nautz

From the songbook Rise Up Singing edited by Peter Blood and Annie Patterson

The editors of the songbook from which this song was taken state: The British imposed an early evening curfew in colonial Nigeria. Popular struggle got the curfew lifted at least on the most important evening of the week. This song was written to celebrate their victory and ongoing struggle for independence.

*Please note that the lyrics in some of the above languages were transliterated and all were included in the songbook. Certain accent or other language marks were left off when I typed the above. If anyone would like to add the lyrics in a language not posted above, please do so.

I wonder if there's a YouTube video of the song to post so you can all learn the tune.

And soooo...what do y'all like to do on Saturday nights?

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Tonight I watched a movie with my best friend while drinking plum wine.

Impeach the gangster
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Just watched The Ten Commandments on TV in HD. Still a pretty good movie.
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