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ethical dilemma +alternative to boar bristle brush?

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so I was planning on buying some nail stuff from this place called zamburg, the issue is that they all have leather cases for their nail scissors and nail files, I was thinking if I emailed them and said that I didn't want the cases just the product that it should be okay? but if I pay them for the product the same amount as if they included it, and they just throw out the case isn't it the same me buying the leather case? so if there a way I can purchase their product from them without financially supporting the production of the leather case of the product? like maybe I could ask them to deduct the price of the leather case from the product? or would it be ethical just to buy without the leather case/s included?
Also why i'm here does anyone know of any good substitutes for a boar bristle brush?(or if you know where one could get some second hand ones that would also be great)
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I've used a synthetic bristle shaving brush for over a year now, and it's perfectly fine. I have no clue what type of brush you're referencing but it's stiff enough to work in the lather but not abrasive on your face if that makes sense.
Why not buy the products individually from somewhere else?
What are you wanting to sub boar bristle brush for? Shaving? Hair?

I have a sisal back scrubber brush I use in the shower. I have a wooden 'bristle' brush for my hair, and a wooden comb.

You should look for sisal hair brushes like this-
I freaked at the price! I found my back scrubber at a small shop for maybe $5.
Sometimes I find vegan things like this at Dollar stores/discount stores
Here's a better selection of brushes-,beauty,165&crid=13NA38XT7ISIO

I've seen ecotools in stores
taking a closer look it seems to me that the individual products I was planning to buy from them don't come in their own leather case except for the nail file, so if that's the case then i'll just buy the nail file from somewhere else, the issue is more so the fact that most suppliers tend to include things like leather cases because it's seen as a luxury item, but with repeated trial and error I should be able to get a set, and if all else fails I'll just buy something from the pharmacy, (though it won't be of the same quality unfortunately).

But to clarify yes I meant an alternative to boar bristle brush with reguards to hair, out of those products you listed on amazon, do you have any in particular that you would recommend?
Hello! This thread is a little older, but I wanted to share that I use a synthetic brush. It's functions so much better than my previous animal-derived ("premium") ones. Highly recommend! There are quite a few on Amazon.
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