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Every year for our anniversary we buy something nice for the home so we can share it/use it all year round. Last year we bought a vitamix which we use every single day and sometimes multiple times a day. Best kitchen appliance purchase ever.

This year we've decided to buy an espresso machine. I love coffee and my husband has finally fallen in love with coffee too. But it's expensive to buy lattes or mocha's very often and we prefer that over a pot of coffee. Plus I hate supporting corporations and we don't have cafes near our house so we often wind up at a Starbucks or Tully's.

Our price limit is $750. I've had several machines over the years and they have all stopped steaming the milk within a few months of purchase and they have never done very good shots of espresso. My first one which was a DeLonghi was probably the best. The last one I bought a few years back, the steamer went out in the first week. Every time I bought cheaper ones for under $100 and we've realized that we just need to buy something that is well-made because we absolutely hate junking appliances all the time. Resources wise it's just wasteful. We basically want something that is going to last for a long time and steam the milk as well as do good shots of espresso.

Any suggestions on machines you have used or friends that have used them would be really awesome. So far I'm looking at a Breville Barista Express and I've looked at a Rancilio 2009 v3 model and the Silvia.
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