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Pigs orchestrate zoo great escape

A wallaby has escaped from a zoo in Bristol after three pot-bellied pigs dug a tunnel under his enclosure.

Wally, an Albino wallaby, used the tunnel to make his way into woodland beside Noah's Ark Zoo.

It appears he may not have appreciated the advances of his female companion who was ready to mate.

He'd been sent to the zoo from Bournemouth to breed with Wendy and two other female wallabies.

Although Wally returns to the zoo at night to feed on vegetables, he has eluded staff for two weeks, says the Daily Express.

Zoo owner Christina Bush says staff have an idea where Wally is and may have to use a tranquilliser dart to get him back.

"Wally is extremely elusive and seems to be enjoying his freedom. He waits around for you and then does an enormous leap when you get close," she said.

The pigs that dug the tunnel didn't try to escape. "The pigs love their food. That's why they stayed behind," added Ms Bush.
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