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Endometrial ablation

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I'm wondering if anyone here has had it done or knows someone that has had the procedure? I started reading through this forum yesterday.

I've only just started reading up on it. I was diagnosed with PCOS a while ago and now there's a possibility of endometriosis but I haven't seen a doctor about that yet. I basically never stop bleeding. It's either light or quite heavy but always there somehow.

I've gone the BCP route, changing the diet, etc. etc. but nothing has worked so far.

I don't want kids so I'm not worried about that aspect of it. In fact some of what I've read indicates that it's good to have a tubal ligation done at the same time.

For those that aren't familiar with EA, here are some links:
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I'll get back to you next week after my mother has hers done.
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The lady I nannied for had this done and was immensely pleased. She still had periods, but they were quite light, and the cramping was minimal if at all.

Have you tried the Yaz/Yasmin pill? After years (years
) of troubles, this is what finally worked for me. I developed some side effects later and was glad to be rid of them, but I just thought I'd throw it out there. The OB/GYN who prescribed them for me mentioned that she'd had other patients who failed to see success with many BCPs, only to do well on Yasmin.
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Mom had it done this morning (with tubal litagation--her doctor said that procedure needed to be done with it). Her doctor recommended it because she gets very ill with her cycle. She has debilitating migraines, mood swings, cramps, heavy bleeding, etc. The last few headaches were especially bad. She had to miss a couple days of work.

The surgery went well. There were no complications. I talked to her on the phone twice today and she's completely alert (in comparison with myself after my oral surgeries) and has been able to take care of herself (my brother was supposed to be nurse, but he fell asleep, lol). I mentioned that she can't be on much pain medicine since she was communicating so well, and she said "My headaches hurt much worse than this." She told me it only really hurts when she laughs. She's not allowed to do any heavy lifting for a while. Overall, she seems to be doing very well.
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((hugs)) to your mom, Iria. It sounds like it went well.
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Originally Posted by IamJen View Post

((hugs)) to your mom, Iria. It sounds like it went well.
Thanks! I'm so glad it did. I'll have to come back to this thread later and let you all know how much it helped her symptoms.

EDIT: I forgot to mention this in my last post, but my mom has endometriosis too, Jenna. That's a big part of her problem.
I'm glad everything went well for your mom! I hope she has an easy recovery.

I've got some appointments to make with a couple other doctors so I may go ahead and try to find someone to talk to about this. I'm still reading that it tends to work better on older women, but I've read some women as young as 34-35 having had it done successfully.
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