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The French jeweler Cartier is sponsoring a game of "elephant polo" in the city of Jaipur, in Rajasthan, India, on November 18. Please contact Cartier immediately and ask the company to stop its sponsorship of the event.

Not only do elephants not naturally play polo, but in order to force them to participate in such events, elephants are typically trained with extremely cruel methods that inflict pain and fear. The elephants are cruelly beaten with sharp metal bullhooks and kept in chains.

Nearly all captive elephants in India were captured from the wild. Taken from their families and homes, these elephants suffer a life of chronic physical ailments, social deprivation, emotional starvation, and premature death. These magnificent beings are robbed of their most basic needs, including social companionship and adequate space to roam.

Please immediately contact Cartier and Cartier's holding company, Richemont International Ltd., and demand that Cartier cancel this cruel event and enact a policy against sponsorship of elephant polo games in the future. Let them know that Cartier can find ways to promote its fine jewelry without causing harm to animals.

Click here to help stop the cruel and ridiculous elephant polo game now.
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