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Just wondering whether anyone has ever heard of this organization. I got the e-mail reprinted below today. They appear to be a Swedish based company, although their American headquarters are in Boston/Cambridge.

Any comments or ideas on how to check them out?


Dear Mr. Shedlock,

I am contacting you today in the hopes of creating a network between our

organizations. EF Foundation for Foreign Study is a worldwide,

non-profit foreign exchange program. We operate in 27 countries

throughout the world, and this year we are bringing almost 3,000

international high school students to the U.S. Many people are involved

in foreign exchange to 'bring the world closer together'; hopefully one

of your members would like to bring a little bit of the world to


Many of our exchange students are vegetarians or vegans. Others have

chosen to live a healthy lifestyle based on organic, non-processed

foods. I realize that these young adventurers would be best matched

with a host family with a similar lifestyle. This may be a great

opportunity for an open-minded family who shares similar concerns about

their health and the planet to host a student! Who would better

appreciate the lifestyle choices our teenagers have made? In addition,

your group would have the fantastic opportunity to learn about another

culture. In these troubled times, we feel it is more important than

ever to encourage cultural awareness and respect between nations. I

would truly appreciate your help getting the word out about EF

Foundation to your members.

For over 20 years, EF Foundation has been changing the world and

breaking down barriers, one friendship at a time. Would it be possible

for me to send some informational material to your chapter? I could do

so either through the internet or through the mail. I could also

prepare something for your newsletter or meetings. Would you also mind

forwarding this message onto Jill Burns?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions,

please feel free to call Michelle McKay and Amy Lewis toll-free at


Kind Regards,

Amy Lewis

__________________________________________________ _________________

Amy Lewis

Training and Recruitment Manager

EF Foundation for Foreign Study

1 800 44-SHARE

[email protected]

This email and its attachments contain or may contain confidential or proprietary information belonging to EF. If you are not the intended recipient, please destroy this message and contact the sender. Thank you.
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