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Disney WORLD is a surprisingly easy place to be vegan (disneyLAND pales in comparison). My husband and I have been several times and we receive the most excellent service. The trick is to CALL, CALL, CALL in advance. Make reservations and leave DETAILED instructions with your chef. They will make you an amazing dinner. My husband has a deathly serious allergy to seafood, and although of course we do not eat seafood, we must be very careful that no utensils are cross contaminated, etc. The staff at Disneyworld is wonderfully accomidating, and always made us feel that our food was safe.

We went to disney for our two year wedding anniversary, and at epcot in "mexico", the chef ordered us vegan "cheese" for the quesadillas, at no additional charge. We had a special meal at Boma, an acclaimed african restaurant in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which has TONS of vegetarian options, but when we told them about my husband's allergy, not only were we given a personal tour of the buffet indicating which items were safe, and which were not, but we were brought out SEVERAL special dishes from the top chef at the kitchen, just to our table!! (the other patrons were so jealous!) call, call, CALL! make special arrangements and you will receive stunning service. Also, don't be afraid to ask, once you are there. Even if a menu doesn't show vegan options, the kitchens there are experienced with special requests and will special-cook you anything.

Here are some links that will help you:

and, last but certainly not least...

(drum roll please...)

All the menus at disney with their vegetarian and vegan choices (some of these are outdated, and there are a lot more options than it says):

I also HIGHLY recommend this book, which I purchased and we used to find some of our best meals:

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to PM me, I'm embarassed to say I know disneyworld like the back of my hand... my husband and his family are fanatics, and we do family get-togethers there a lot, lol. I can tell you some of the best places to eat.
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