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Anyone have experience going to Orlando and eating vegan successfully at Disney w/o having to suffer with salads the entire time?

My first son - actually both of them - have tremedous allergies. So, that's another challenge.

It's been a couple of years, but on another board, I had read that a mom had worked with the staff ahead of time with regards to her son's allergies and were able to have sufficient food... granted they weren't vegan.

Just wondered if you had any tips based upon your experiences?

Is there a particular department I should call?

Frankly, we've never ever been but... we're considering tossing the regular Thanksgiving feast in favor of a trip down there. (So, heck, off topic but why not, if you've got other tips on saving money, where to stay, etc, please PM me that stuff separately?)

Thanks a bunch!!!!

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Originally Posted by skylark View Post

What are your sons' allergies?
Hmmm... how much time you have?

Well, let's see. Son#1 is allergic/intolerant of artificial food colors, artificial food flavors, several preservatives, foods high in salicylates, dairy, egg, soy, pork, CORN (ugh), etc.

Son#2 - dairy, egg, soy, gluten... and we keep him free of the artificials/preservatives, too. Corn and salicylates don't seem to affect him like they do for his brother. (And daddy for that matter but that's a different story.)

Son#1 is not vegan and is extremely picky eater - VERY difficult to get vegetables in him... only recently started to like carrots, for example. Son#2 is.

It isn't easy to get this family fed. *sigh*

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Wow. I asked so that those who have been to DW would be able to help. I haven't been there myself.

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Here's a website that has the menus for all the restaurants in Disney World.

You probably want to stay away from the counter service places. Stick with the sit down places or bring a picnic. It's also best to eat lunch in the park and dinner outside the park. The prices jump dramaticly after lunchtime.

Also, most disney employees will bend over backward to help you. You can also call and they'll give you all the information you need to decide where you can eat.

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Oh, and I found this for you at :

It is standard at Walt Disney parks to have an ingredient list of each dish served at the snack booths and fast service places, that you can request to see.

Except for several of the restaurants, you cannot make a reservation at Walt Disney World restaurants. But you can request Priority Seating in advance to reserve a seat in many of the restaurants.

It is advised to request Priority Seating at least 24 hours in advance, but it is a good idea to make arrangements a week in advance for a special vegetarian request. Priority Seating requests can be made 120 days in advance. At Victoria & Albert's Chef's Table reservations can be and should be made 180 days in advance.

To make a vegan or special request, call the main Walt Disney World number 407-824-2222 and they will transfer you to whatever restaurant you want. Ask to speak directly with the chiefs, who are happy to help you with your special meal. This should be done at least a week in advance.

People who have special dietary needs usually can bring a cooler into the parks. It is best to confirm this in advance at the main number.

Most of the places have relaxed dress code. At Victoria & Albert's there is a dress code.

Magic Kingdom

There are three fresh fruit and vegetable stands in the park: one on Main Street, one at Mickey's ToonTown Fair and one at Liberty Square. The fruits are pre-washed and ready to eat. You can also get carrot sticks, pickles, juices, Powerade and fresh fruit cups. The pineapple has gotten great recommendations.

Cinderella's Royal Table, Fantasyland, has a character buffet breakfast, with Cinderella herself there. They have a Vegetable Plate (pasta and vegetables), Gus's Artichoke and Spinach Dip with homemade pita chips and salad. If you call them at least a week in advance they can arrange a vegan breakfast with vegan pancakes, granola, fresh fruit and veggie sausages. The breakfast potatoes contain bacon, so should be avoided.

Tony's Town Square Restaurant has an Eggplant and Portobello dish, cheese Ravioli, pizzas and several pasta dishes. Hard pastas at Tony's are vegan. They are willing to work with you to prepare you a pure vegetarian meal.

The Plaza Restaurant, Main Street, has a good veggie sandwich on multigrain bread. Crystal Palace, Main Street, has a buffet lunch, served by Winnie the Pooh and associates.

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café, in Tomorrowland, has Boca Burgers (comes with either French fries (cooked separretely) or carrots), Vegetable Soup (vegan) and Greek Salad. The cook their veggie burger separately from the other burgers. and from a letter i recieved from Mary H, they told here that the the veggie burgers are grilled and are cleaned per use. The veggie burger have mozzerella cheese and are therefore not vegan.

Plaza Pavilion has pizzas and salads.

Columbia Harbour House, at the entrance of Fantasyland, has a hummus sandwich, Garden Salad and a vegan chili, French fries and fresh apple pie. They have macaroni & cheese, but the macaroni contains eggs. The apple pie is vegan.

The Great Baked Potato Company, in Liberty Square, has baked white and sweet potatoes. Next to the potato wagon is a fruit and vegetable stand.


Has two annual food festivals. The Food and Wine Festival, in autumn, features the various cuisines from over 30 countries. During the Food Among the Flowers Festival in the springtime there are mid-Saturday brunches and quest speakers.

The Garden Grill Restaurant, in Future World, has Farmer Mickey and other Disney characters. Has an all-you-can-eat meal. Has a Vegetarian Platter, couscous with grilled vegetables. The buffet has good sunflower bread. If you call a week in advance it may be possible to get a vegan breakfast.

Electric Umbrella, Innoventions East, Future World, has hummus and tabbouleh wraps, French fries and fruit salad. Has a view of the dancing waters of the Fountain of Nation.

Pure and Simple, Wonder of Life, Future World, has pizza, Roasted Vegetable Salad, baked potatoes, veggie wrap and fat-free frozen yogurt.

Coral Reef Restaurant, in the Living Seas, has a phyllo dough strudel filled with cheese and roasted vegetables with lentil salad. Has a giant saltwater aquarium with over 5,000 fish in it.

The Sunshine Season Food Fair has several food shops. The Pasta and Potato has good Vegetable Lasagna, Eggplant Parmesan, Portobello Mushroom Wrap, a garden salad and baked potatoes.

L'Originale Alfredo di Roma Ristornate, Italy Pavilion, World Showcase, is an expensive place with a selection of pastas and salads. The hard pasta doesn't contain eggs, but the Fettuccine pasta contains eggs.

Marrakesh Restaurant, Morocco Pavilion, World Showcase, has Jamina's Salad Plate (vegetable couscous, and Moroccan salads). It has an exotic décor, belly dancers and musicians. It is expensive.

Cantina de San Angel, Mexico Pavilion, at World Showcase, has the Plato Combination (bean burrito, a quesadilla and bean taco) at a reasonable price.

San Angel Inn Restaurante, Mexico Pavilion, World Showcase, is a romantic place with candlelit tables and a unique village design. Has a vegetarian Combination Plate (an enchilada, black bean burrito and sautéed vegetables) and Rice & Beans (no lard). It is expensive.

Les Chefs de France Restaurant, France Pavilion, World Showcase, has Grilled Vegetable Sandwich, Plat Vegetarien (a gratin of eggplant, zucchini & tomato with a cheese topping), Tarte a la tomate (tomato and goat cheese on a crust) and sorbets made with fresh fruits.

Tangierine Café has a Mediterranean Vegetarian Platter with hummus, tabbouleh and salads. Ask to have the mayonnaise removed from the lentil salad. Has Moroccan breads and a dairy-free almond pastry.

Disney-MGM Studios

Echo Park Produce, next to Echo Lake, has a selection of fresh fruits and cut fruits.

50's Prime Time Café, near Echo Lake, plays TV vintage sitcoms and Cousin Bill and Sister Sue serves the guests. Has Penne Pasta, Boca Burger, Vegetable Soup, Vegetable Lasagna and Tofutti. The onion rings have eggs in their bread sauce.

Hollywood Brown Derby, Sunset Boulevard, has a good grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich and a salad.

Next to it is Starring Rolls Bakery, at Sunset Blvd and Hollywood, which has baked goods and some fresh fruits.

Rosie's All-American Café, Sunset Boulevard, has a Boca Burger. Next door is Catalina Eddie's that serves pizzas. Sunset Market Ranch, Sunset Boulevard, has baked potatoes. Anaheim Produce, Sunset Boulevard, has a selection of fresh produce.

At Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater Restaurant, Commissary Lane, you eat in a 1950s car watching science fiction films clips and cartoons. The servers wear roller skates. Has Boca Burgers, pasta and a Vegetable Club sandwich (Portobello mushroom with roasted vegetables & cheese).

Toy Story Pizza Planet, near New York Street, has pizzas and salad.

Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano, New York Street, has a selection of pizzas and pastas. The Roasted Panino is grilled eggplant, tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini and cheese sandwich.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Rainforest Café, Entrance Plaza, has an interesting design with the appearance of a rainforest. Has good size portions. Has Rainforest Natural Burger, pastas, pizza and Portobello Mushroom sandwiches (normally comes with egg mayonnaise). The Paradise Plate is a fruit plate (the muffins contain eggs).

Pizzafari, Safari Village, has Hot Vegetable Sandwich, salad and pizzas.

At Chip 'n' Dale's Cookie Cabin, Camp Minnie-Mickey, the Butter and Sugar cookie and Macadamia Nut cookie do not contains egg, but contain milk products.

Best of the Best in Asia, Asia, has a vegan Rice Bowl and roasted (in the husk) corn on the cob.

There is a fruit stand next to the entrance of Kilimanjaro Safaris, near the entrance of Africa, which has fresh fruits and freshly squeezed juices.

Tusker House, in Harambe Village, has the Marinated Vegetable Sandwich (Portobello mushrooms, zucchini and yellow squash). Vegetables are cooked separate from meat products. Breads here contain eggs. Has mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables and macaroni & cheese. The rice contains chicken stock.

Downtown Disney

FoodQuest and Wired Wonderland Café, on the 5th floor of the DisneyQuest Arcade, has a vegetarian vegetable soup, Portobello Mushroom Sandwich, a veggie wrap, pizza, Spinach and Artichoke dip with chips.

Planet Hollywood has Garden Burgers, pasta and wood-stove pizzas.

Wolfgang Puck Café has Macaroni and Cheese, pizzas and pastas.

Rainforest Café has Rainforest Natural Burger, pastas, pizza and Portobello Mushroom sandwiches (normally comes with egg mayonnaise). The Paradise Plate is a fruit plate (the muffins contain eggs).

House of Blues has Portobello Mushroom Sandwich, corn bread, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and sautéed vegetables. The Beans n' Greens contains ham.

Gourmet Pantry Deli has ready-made sandwiches, salads and pastas. Has a cheese and tabbouleh sandwiches. The gourmet jellybeans don't contain gelatin. The rice crispy treat do.

All the pastas at the Portobello Yacht Club contain eggs.

Disney Resort Restaurants

California Grill, Disney Contemporary Resort, is an upscale place that has a great view of the night fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. It also has some vegetarian options such as Vegetarian Unplugged, which is an assortment of dishes. Has several vegetarian options for dinner. Price: $$$-$$$$.

Artist Point, Disney's Wilderness Lodge, has some exotic vegetarian dishes and are more than willing to work with you. Price: $$$$.

Victoria & Albert's, Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, was rated as the top restaurant in Orlando and one of the top ten in the country by Zagat Guide. Has a seven-course vegetarian meal and with 24-hour advance notice can make a vegan meal. Price is around $100 for a meal.

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Disney WORLD is a surprisingly easy place to be vegan (disneyLAND pales in comparison). My husband and I have been several times and we receive the most excellent service. The trick is to CALL, CALL, CALL in advance. Make reservations and leave DETAILED instructions with your chef. They will make you an amazing dinner. My husband has a deathly serious allergy to seafood, and although of course we do not eat seafood, we must be very careful that no utensils are cross contaminated, etc. The staff at Disneyworld is wonderfully accomidating, and always made us feel that our food was safe.

We went to disney for our two year wedding anniversary, and at epcot in "mexico", the chef ordered us vegan "cheese" for the quesadillas, at no additional charge. We had a special meal at Boma, an acclaimed african restaurant in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which has TONS of vegetarian options, but when we told them about my husband's allergy, not only were we given a personal tour of the buffet indicating which items were safe, and which were not, but we were brought out SEVERAL special dishes from the top chef at the kitchen, just to our table!! (the other patrons were so jealous!) call, call, CALL! make special arrangements and you will receive stunning service. Also, don't be afraid to ask, once you are there. Even if a menu doesn't show vegan options, the kitchens there are experienced with special requests and will special-cook you anything.

Here are some links that will help you:

and, last but certainly not least...

(drum roll please...)

All the menus at disney with their vegetarian and vegan choices (some of these are outdated, and there are a lot more options than it says):

I also HIGHLY recommend this book, which I purchased and we used to find some of our best meals:

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to PM me, I'm embarassed to say I know disneyworld like the back of my hand... my husband and his family are fanatics, and we do family get-togethers there a lot, lol. I can tell you some of the best places to eat.
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