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So I've been vegan for almost 6 months, and I've always had the problem of sneaking sweets with dairy in them. It's always just little things here and there, and for the past 3 months or so I've been doing good about not "sneaking".

But ever since the start of the holiday season, more and more sweets that contain dairy have been showing up in my house (everyone else in my family are meat-eaters). Last week my mom bought a cheesecake, and I caved and ate a slice, promising myself I wouldn't eat anymore. And then I ended up eating about 4 slices by the next day! I then told myself that since it was gone, I wouldn't be tempted anymore... and then my mom brought home these homemade cookies someone had given her, and they were my favorite kind! So I had one... two... three... four! And I just finished eating some chocolate-covered peanuts a few minutes ago!

Please help me out! I just can't seem to stop eating all these cookies and chocolate... and I know it will only get worse as Christmas gets closer and closer... and then it will be Valentine's Day! My mom is a teacher at an elementary school, and she always brings home a lot of chocolate!

I always thought I had better willpower than this... I'm feeling really bad now.

Also, I think I may have an over-eating problem. In fact, I'm about 95% sure I do. Should I make a seperate thread about this in the Dietary and Weight Issues forum?

All help is much appreciated!
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