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Eating 2oz red meat a day can..

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increase breast cancer in post menapausal women by 56%. Having researched over 7 yrs.

Being discussed on tv now If theres a link I will post it.
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Hm. There was a similar study published late last year, involving red meat and PRE-menopausal women, but the amount of meat eaten was a bit higher.
There's a long history of breast cancer on my mom's side of the family. My mom became a vegetarian when she was 25 (she's now 75) and she broke the long line of cancer-sufferers (her own mom died at age 47 from cancer). Switching to veg was certainly beneficial for her ! I am not sure my female ancestors ate tons of red meat (they were from poor stock and there were many wars back then) but they certainly didn't have the luxury of watching what they ate...
That's funny that I come here and read this cause my fiance just sent me this...

Breast cancer runs in my family and my Mother often tells me to be careful of my soy intake.... I hug her and assure her that my diet is exteremly healthy and that by elliminating meat I'm better off. She smiles back- it's cute
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