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Hoooo boy! I had to bite my tongue so much today I went on about a 20 minute rant on the way home from my bf's grandparents' house today. Fortunately for me, my bf was quite tolerant of the whole thing and let me gripe. He knew I was behaving very well.

We drove an hour plus out to my BF's grandparents' house today for Easter + Grandpa's 80th bday. This was the first time meeting the grandparents, as well as his aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins (aged 4 and 12). I was forewarned by my bf's Mom that there would be nothing for me to eat (not in a mean way), and so I said I'd bring something. I made an entire easter basket full of cookies and treats, and made a vegetable rice pilaf with all kinds of veggies in it and brown rice and almonds. Thank goodness! Quite literally the only meat/dairy free item on the table were the dinner rolls... and they were white and a little stale. (especially to eat dry!) The only vegetable was some sort of broccoli casserole prepared with cream of something soup and frozen broccoli. The copious amounts of omni foods consumed weren't even the worst part! Having to listen to my bf's uncle (married in, NOT bio!) all night was AWFUL! All he talks about is hunting and fishing and guns. I had to listen to conversation about Elk hunting over dinner, and distributing materials about a hunting class to middle school students. ACK!

As if that wasn't enough, after dinner his older daughter said she wanted to adopt a yellow lab puppy from the ASPCA, and he went on about how it would already be "spayded" (I HATE it when people say that! The verb is TO SPAY!) and he wants to get a lab to breed with a mastiff to make lab/mastiff puppies like he had when he was a kid. IRRESPONSIBLE BACKYARD BREEDING!?!?! It's bad enough he's HUNTING AND FISHING! Leave the dogs out of it!!!

Also couldn't believe how they let their 4 y/o eat nothing but CRAP all day! She was downing chocolate up until dinner time, and they kept telling her she couldn't eat any more until we ate dinner, but then wouldn't stop her. For dinner she ate one dinner roll, then she was allowed to eat a piece of chocolate cake, and a cookie, then went back out to the living room to play and continued eating chocolate. Before we left she was asking for more cake (and was going to get it). I'm sure these people would say that it would be wrong to raise kids vegetarian as well. Their older kid refuses to eat any vegetables, except for 3, and only raw, and only if she has to. And I was at least mildly offended that no one in the aunt-uncle-cousins family tried any of the rice I made. My bf's parents and grandparents were all eating it and all complimented it. How rude :p

This just goes to show that you can withstand any horrific omni family event and live to tell the tale!
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