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Quite literally the only meat/dairy free item on the table were the dinner rolls... and they were white and a little stale. (especially to eat dry!) The only vegetable was some sort of broccoli casserole prepared with cream of something soup and frozen broccoli. The copious amounts of omni foods consumed weren't even the worst part! Having to listen to my bf's uncle (married in, NOT bio!) all night was AWFUL! All he talks about is hunting and fishing and guns. I had to listen to conversation about Elk hunting over dinner, and distributing materials about a hunting class to middle school students. ACK!

This just goes to show that you can withstand any horrific omni family event and live to tell the tale!
This sounds like my MIL's funeral. The only thing we could eat was white sandwich bread (not even rolls!) and some old carrots they found in the back of the fridge. We didn't have the benefit of bringing our own food as we had just come off a 9 hour flight and then a 4 hour drive. And the plane had screwed up our meals--no vegan meals for us--so we has eaten the roll and the salad off the omni meal. We were STARVING. And all they did was eat meat and white bread (no veg at all!) and talk with their mouths full about hunting while we withered away. They kept saying how puny the vegan diet was making us and didn't we want some meat to fatten up. FINALLY after they cleared their food off the stove we were able to cook a vegan meal for ourselves (there was nothing vegan in the pantry that didn't need to be cooked)

It was the longest day of my life. And a sad way to remember my MIL. I feel your pain. Deeling with relatives (that are not even your relatives) can be really hard. I'm glad you've got a supportive boyfriend.
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