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Earthdance 2007 - Sept. 14-16 - CENTRAL ILLINOIS!

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Earthdance 2007

September 14, 15, 16 2007 in rural central Illinois


***To purchase tickets, please visit ***

A 3 day open-air festival focusing on psychedelic music, art, and culture, all within the Earthdance concept.

Global Theme for 2007:

The Sacredness of Water - Our Precious Global Resource

We Are All Water..

Water not only reacts to written words but to music. . . . -Yoko Ono

Over the centuries, Scientists and mystics have honored water's sacred and restorative properties. It is increasingly evident that this precious resource is now critically endangered. To raise awareness about the importance of water, we have chosen "The Sacredness of Water" as our international Earthdance theme for 2007. All Earthdance events are encouraged to build their events around this theme.

Earthdance 2007 Initiative:

The H2Om Project

Healing the Earth's water with sound and intention. A synchronized global event.


Since time immemorial, water has been one of the Earth's most precious elements. It is essential to all known forms of life, and covers nearly 71% of the Earth's surface. Due to its depth, the Earth's water encompasses about 300 times the habitable volume of the terrestrial habitats on our planet and contains the largest proportion of all life.

Just as our ancestors evolved within this primordial oceanic womb of the Earth, human life continues to grow in an almost identical environment, within the amniotic fluid of the womb. Even after we are born, water comprises 70% of the total mass of our bodies, and we carry it with us until the day we die.

It is an understatement to say that water is precious.

Because of overpopulation, mass consumption, misuse, and water pollution, the availability of clean water per capita is inadequate and shrinking as of the year 2006. Currently, about 1 billion people around the world routinely drink unhealthy water, and some 5 million deaths a year are caused by polluted drinking water. UNESCO's World Water Development Report (WWDR, 2003) indicates that, in the next 20 years, the quantity of clean water available to everyone is predicted to decrease by 30%.


The only positive side to these catastrophic circumstances is the fact that environmental crisis may be acting as a catalyst for profound social change. Currently, we are being challenged to find new and sustainable ways to live on this planet. At this point, we have very little choice: either we adapt or we perish. This realization confirms that we are on the horizon of a new paradigm of consciousness; a time when we will harness the power of technology to heal the planet.


Evidence of this new paradigm is rapidly emerging in the field of environmental restoration. Many cities around the globe are using progressive technologies to clean the environment. In Europe, scientists are using sound waves to clean air pollution. Similar techniques can be used to affect the structure of water molecules, which are known to be highly receptive. Most commonly, factors such as heat, cold, and pressure, in addition to chemical methods (such as oxidation and camphor type additives), have been used to change the structure of water. However, in the last century, several discoveries have revolutionized this idea and opened the door to a whole new set of possibilities.

One of these discoveries, called Cymatics, was pioneered by a Swiss scientist named Hans Jenny. Cymatics, the study of wave phenomena, is typically associated with the physical patterns produced through the interaction of sound waves in a medium. By using specific frequencies, it is possible to create complex, replicable patterns in sand, water, and a virtually any particulate matter. One of Jenny's more complex experiments involved a spherical vibrating water droplet containing fine particles. By applying sound waves, these particles formed into a 3-Dimensional star (or dual) tetrahedron shape with surrounding circles similar to the one shown below. Many of the shapes produced by the application of Cymatics have similarities to snowflakes, sacred geometric patterns, traditional mandalas, and crop circle designs.

To the amazement of most scientists, the definition of liquid water has not yet been fully established and its atomic model is still incomplete. Any particular accumulation of liquid water can contain an almost limitless number of other molecules, so it can express a near infinite number of possible atomic configurations. This must be one of the reasons why it was chosen to be the supporting structure for the Matrix of life. Water's ability to fill up and fit any shape makes it the perfect material to provide the diverse forms required to transport living organisms around in space. All material objects are simply water held together in unique forms.

Some interesting research in Japan, conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, has suggested that water may be receptive to words, sounds, and thoughts in the environment. According to Emoto, water can receive information and store it for future use, much like the silicon used in computer chips. This theory has interesting implications for the uses of collective consciousness toward the global effort to restore harmony in the environment. Is it possible to harmonize the energy field of our planet by focusing our voices and intentions in a vast global effort.


Due to observations of the spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum, it has become apparent that the Earth emits a consistent frequency. This frequency, known as the Schumann Resonance, corresponds to approximately 7.8125hz and is created by the excitation of terrestrial stationary waves by lightning strikes.

Scientific analysis has confirmed that many species of animals are affected by the Schumann Resonance, including humans. Recent studies have identified the most common resonant frequency of the human voice to be 125hz. This frequency is an exact harmonic (16th octave) of the Schumann Resonance.


The H2Om project will attempt to create the world's largest synchronized global Om, which will take place on Saturday September 15th during the Earthdance international peace event. Earthdance, the Global Dance Festival for Peace, has grown to become the world's largest simultaneous music and dance event, uniting over 350 locations in 60 countries. Every year, in alignment with the International Day of Peace, over 200,000 people unite in dance, with hundreds of thousands more joining online, in support of global peace and humanitarian aims. The defining moment of the Earthdance event is the synchronized Prayer for Peace, played at every location at the same time.

This year, the Earthdance Prayer for Peace will be followed by a unified global Om, as people across the world synchronize their voices with the intention of healing the Earth's waters. To increase cohesiveness and provide a single, specific point of focus for the global community, the Prayer for Peace will be immediately followed by the recording of a fundamental tone (the specific human frequency of 125hz), which will serve as a foundation for people to tune into.

In addition to this frequency that will be audible on land, we intend to transmit the same frequency (via hydroacoustic transducers) to the waters of several major sacred rivers throughout the world (Amazon, Ganga, Nile, etc.) This gesture will be an attempt to homeopathically resonate the Earth's water body with our global intention, and thus unite all life, both on land and sea.

In the past, there have been several attempts to perform a Global Om. However, we believe the H2Om project will be the largest and most advanced attempt to date, uniting new paradigm science with a massive global audience. The H2Om project will also be supported by several major international peace organizations, including World Puja, James Twyman, and many more. This effort, in combination with the fact that we will be using a specific frequency, and transmitting this frequency throughout the entire planet, will make the H2Om event a truly unprecedented experience. The H2Om project will also be launched at the World Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco, May 11th - 14th (


Since an initiative of this caliber has never been accomplished, the extent of the positive influence created by this event has yet to be determined. However, we believe that even a tiny dose of collective consciousness may help tip the scales in favor of global balance.

Regardless of the outcome, we are confident that by raising awareness about the need to preserve our precious natural resources of Water, we will take a step toward the betterment of our Earth's environment, and improve the livelihood of countless future generations.


For more information regarding the H2Om project, please contact Alex Theory Ph.D. at 415.786.5245 or alex[at]

For information regarding the World Sound Healing conference, please contact info[at] or visit

Every group associated with Earthdance must commit to giving at least 50% of their profits to a charitable organization. We are committed to this concept, and are in the process of selecting an oganization. If you represent an organiztion that would like to be a part of what we are creating, please contact us. And with that, we are pleased to bring you the lineup and details:

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SIRIUS ISNESS (Phantasm / Mindcontrol) - **live**

Barcelona Spain

Sirius Isness is the full on morning psychedelic trance project of Davina and Max. They started making music together in the year 2000 and released their first track as Sirius Isness in the year 2003. Since then, getting impressive feedback from the public, they have been making more and more tracks released on several important labels.

Their first album Resolution of Duality came out in May of 2004 on Moon Spirits Recs, and was the big surprise of the year with amazing melodies and production quality for the full on morning lovers. In the year 2005, Max and Davina were really proud to present their second album Breaking the Matrix, released in April 2005 on Mind Control Records. They have been playing all around the planet in big events in Japan, Brazil, Mexico, France, New Caledonia, Russia, Switzerland, Australia, England, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Canada, USA, Hungary, Denmark, Italy and many more.

Max and Davina are releasing many tracks on different compilations and made many new collaborations, expected to be released this current year. Their latest album, Trance Fusion[/i] is out NOW!

Sirius Isness is EASILY one of our all-time favorites, and we welcome them to the Midwest for the very first time! For more information on their music, please visit Sirius Isness.Com

PHUTUREPRIMITIVE ** live** - Seattle

Phutureprimitive is the musical creation of DJ, Producer and Remixer Rain. Rain first began DJing in 1992 after discovering the new sound of Trance and Chillout in the underground music scene. He later played a key role in bringing the sound of Trance to the Northwest in the early years of rave...a time when house and techno were the standard.

While adding to his music collection, Rain also began to acquire the music equipment that would eventually become Phutureprimitive Sound Labs, founded in 1996. Intent on building the skills required to express himself musically, he made the decision to keep his work private... until his debut album on Waveform Records titled Sub Conscious finally escaped from the studio in 2004.

Phutureprimitive has since become a top artist in the downtempo/psy-chill/phuture-dub music scene, performing in cities and countries throughout the United States, and Europe including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, England, Scotland, Portugal, Holland, Italy and Croatia.

There are many components to the Phutureprimitive sound which can be described as diverse and eclectic. Musically ranging from atmospheric downbeat and Drum n Bass patterns, to ethnic breaks, vocals and percussions, to dub and beyond. The fusion of organic and synthetic elements: In the last 10 years, artists have come such a long way in blurring the lines of musical genres. Its one thing to strive for originality or innovation in a particular genre. When a conscious decision is made to combine or borrow from many genres, or simply make music out side of any conventional category, a whole new world of possibilities open. Listening boundaries are diminished and cross-culturalism begins, creating something new and unheard of.

DOCTOR SPOOK (Geomagnetic.TV) San Francisco

* DJ & VJ sets *

Dr. Spook (aka Nathan Vogel) is an internationaly reknowned San Francisco VJ/DJ/live AV act. Geospirit1: virtual vortex is his newest solo dvd film project. He began creating electronic music & 3D visuals in the early 90's. He started DJing in 98 at burning man. A pillar in the SF psytrance scene, known for creating amazing parties with the Phoenix Family. Nate is also a producer & director at Minds Eye Media in SF since 95.

PARADIGM (Geomagnetic.TV / Maia Records) Missouri / San Francisco.

Considered to be one of the nations top twilight DJ's Paradigm's reputation for pinpoint accurate mixing, smooth and clean equalizer work, dynamic and groovy bass-lines and infectious stage persona caught the attention of America's psy trance scene, and has thus made him one of the most sought after trance DJ's in North America. Paradigm has been fortunate enough to share the stage with artists such as Wizzy Noise, Atomic Pulse, D-tek, Eskimo, Neuromotor, Hyper-Frequencies, Earthling, Dark Soho, Miraculix, C.P.U., Quadra, Astrix, Nomad, Paul Taylor (Spun), Shawnodese (Mind Funk), Arturo (Maia), Anneli (Sweden) and so on...and of course many if not most of the US based producers including Penta, Chromatone, Random, Deeper in Zen, Greg on Earth, Mubali and almost every other U.S. live-performance worth mentioning..

NICK SYNERGY (Overmind Works) Phoenix

Nick Synergy hails from the southern midwest. After some experience as a mainstream DJ, he caught the techno bug in 1992, ironically from the radio. The newfound rave culture also fascinated him, and thus he became increasingly absorbed by DJing and electronic music. He began beatmaching in 1995 and has been immersed in many facets of underground dance culture ever since.

He's a bit of an idealist, but something of a realist. He has a benevolent nature and brings a solid work ethic to creating and promoting events. Gravitating toward the funky, groovy, and progressive sides of electronic music, the dynamic vibe this man carries is best demonstrated by the music he plays.

HAHN THE BARBARIAN (Overmind Works) Phoenix

Hahn's mind began making sense of electronic music in 1992 with the acquisition of a home computer and the installation of Mechwarrior 2. In his early years, he developed an affinity for pop music and, through his interest in GI-Joe toys, he developed an acute case of Collector's Syndrome. This was a perfect foundation for the music enthusiast and collector that the psytrance scene knows today as Hahn the Barbarian. A sucker for nearly all types of electronic music (especially all hybrids of psytrance), he is primarily dedicated to high-tech sounds that reveal a prescient glimpse of the future. While many of his sets are comprised mostly of the sounds in his playlist at the respective time, some of his favorite journeys have taken Hahn and his listeners through the realms of Dark Psy-tech, Organic Pro-tech, Aggro Full-on and Hyper-Neo

PRIMORDIAL OOZE (Geomagnetic.TV) Chicago

The Primordial Ooze project was created by DJ's Kaiser Soze and S.O.T. as an experiment in genetic sound programming and nano-acoustic engineering. Self-replicating and mutating algorithms, swarms of frequencies that collaborate, breed and communicate, flourish in an environment of artificial selection and continual evolution. Currently working on two albums this energetic live act is continuously expanding their farm of pet-frequencies with various sonic creatures. These lively pets can cause serious mayhem on the dancefloor! But with properly tied shoes, participants are generally safe and happy
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SCOTTY ROTTEN (Trance Psyndicate) Miami

Scotty has been behind the scene since the late 90's. Starting as a trance DJ in Chicago, he has played at several of the largest night clubs in the windy city. In 2003 he moved his residence to Florida, but has maintained close ties with the original Trance Psyndicate founding members and has played an integral role in our existence. After a strong comeback at Earthdance last year, he is poised to serve a reminder to those who might have forgotten him from days past.

PROFESSOR X (Trance Psyndicate) Phoenix

He started djing electronic music in 1998 when he was going to one of the top audio schools in the country. He was first influenced by progressive house and breakbeats. After homing his engineering skills, he began playing shows at clubs in downtown Orlando, Florida and engineering live sound for concerts at Universal Studios. After his popularity grew he got booked at bigger venues, such as the Hard Rock Live and The Groove. His driving electronic beats were sucking people on to dancefloors and giving them an experience they would never forget. His captivating presence kept fans wanting more and more. They were feeding off his intense vibe that he created every time he played. Sooner or later hurricanes drove him out of Florida and he headed back to the Midwest. After meeting DJ Zero Six in his hometown in Illinois, he discovered psytrance and became a core element of the Trancepsyndicate. He has played at parties such as the Cosmic Outset, Earthdance, and the Apsylum for the Unsane. He is now playing outdoor festivals for Overmindworks in Phoenix, AZ. His full-on energetic sound has infected many peoples consciousness in ways they never thought imagined

UNDERFOOT (Audiognomes) Texas

Underfoot is a nimble, Puckish gnome, small in stature but large in sound. A peddler of many potions, his sets will perk your ears, tug at your heartstrings and yank at your extremities. Just watch where you step!

underfoot Pronunciation: -'fut Function: adverb 1 : under the foot especially against the ground [trampled the flowers underfoot] 2 : below, at, or before one's feet [warm sand underfoot] 3 : in the way [gnomes always getting underfoot]

LUCINA (Dea / Brumblies) - NYC

Orginally from San Francisco, but having taking residence in all of America's trance centers Lucina is making waves with her blistering morning sets and grooves. A 1st midwest appearance.





















and many many more .......


Live Interactive Visual Enviroments by:


This catalytic duo (Julee & Troy) create Live Interactive Visual Environments. Since 1999, they have become large-scale A/V eventcurators and they continue to push their means of expression through their video compositions and the realtime surrounding spectacles. Always providing a customized thematic projection/performance of synchronous moments of meaning and inspiration

DOCTOR SPOOK - San Francisco

VJ SYNTAX - Phoenix

Award-winning multi-stage soundscapes by Rexroat Sound - Moline, IL.

Advanced visuals and laser imagery provided by Starlight Lasers - Memphis, TN

International acts, plus several local/regional favorites. 2 full stages featuring the best in psychedelica. Every genre from downtempo, atmospheric, full-on, PsyDM, trip-hop, Goa, minimal, Darkpsy and everything in between.

There will be hosted workshops, a marketplace, and much, much more!

Stay posted to for details.

This is a weekend-long outdoor camping event located at a private location in beautiful, rural Central Illinois.

Gate opens at noon Friday, music stops sometime Sunday evening.

This is being held on private rural property. Please respect the venue, its owners, and any neighboring towns and their laws.

Full service Hookah Bar is provided by long time friends and supporters @ The Smokers Den - Bloomington, Illinois. Only $2 per hookah tip. They will also have several other items for sale such as snacks, beverages such as soda, water, tea, etc., cigarettes for those 18 and older, lights, and more.

In addition, there will be other vendors onsite selling food, ice, jewelry, CD's, and more. There is plenty of room for camping, hot showers, a pond for swimming (if the weather is warm enough), room for children to play safely, and plenty of open space for those beautiful midnight walks. While there are no RV hookups, you can bring one or a camper for an extra charge. Advance arrangements will have to be made by [email protected] accommodations.

THIS IS A LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT. Our mission is to return the venue to its owners in the same, if not BETTER condition than it was. As the owners have said, leave only your footprints behind.

Be prepared for rugged conditions. This is on private property. While we have taken every single precaution to ensure that everyone will be able to participate safely, we cannot emphasize enough how important plain common sense is.

Due to the nature of the venue, we ask that all ins-and-outs be kept to a bare minimum. While we will not prohibit you from leaving, nor will we refuse to let you back in should you choose to leave, we do ask that everyone please make your trips in and out of the venue as minimal as possible. Please come prepared to stay.

Flyer design by Androcell.

There will be fire spinning. People are encouraged to bring fire spinning materials if you can do it safely.

What to bring:

Tent, sleeping bag, food, bug spray, toiletries, etc.

We also encourage you to bring any deco you wish to display. The venue is massive and can accommodate just about anything you wish to bring. We encourage participation from everybody, no matter what you have to contribute. We will help with any installations you wish to bring. Any staff member can point you into the right direction.

We strongly encourage workshops, art installations, and lectures.

****ABSOLUTELY NO RENEGADE SOUND SYSTEMS, NO BONFIRES EXCEPT IN DESIGNATED AREAS AND ABSOLUTELY NO PETS AND NO GLASS! Anyone who is in violation of these policies will be subject to immediate removal without refund!****

Take advantage of an early-bird discount -- discounted pre-sales are available now! Ticket prices will gradually increase to a minimum RSVP donation of $50 USD. Feel free to donate more if you can.

At the present time, this event is pre-registration only, and tickets are not likely to be available at the door. Please support the Earthdance cause and the Trance Psyndicate'ss efforts by pre-registering yourself and your guests today.

You may also pre-register with any Trance Psyndicate member this summer. If you cannot pre-register online or with us in person, please send us an e-mail. We will gladly accept your personal check if prior arrangements are made. There is a September 10th pre-registration deadline, or 300 tickets, whichever comes first.



This is an 18+ event, unless you are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children under 13 are free with parent. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO SHOW ID UPON CHECK IN.
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First, i apologize for the overload of information. :-D

This post is thoroughly trunacated since i can't have inline images, etc.. but please take a look at for the most up-to-date information.

Be sure to get a physical flyer if you are in Illinois. They are available at several like-minded shops state-wide.

The official Central Illinois promo CD will be available for download in a week.

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