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Important Information regarding a proposed law reform and what it means to you.

What’s it all about?

The Earth Statute is intended to bring awareness to a new law that is being applied. The House Of Commons in the United Kingdom are premiering this new benchmark. With the Bill, will bring a balanced format to the way we and industry work together, with respect to the Earth as our universal companion.

The application to the House of Commons is in process, currently under supervision by MEP Caroline Flint. For awareness to this application, could you please sign the current petition and share among members. It will help show your support to better standards for all.


The new law

Respect for the other is an absolute truth.

What this means

Law is our highest point of reasoned word and so the new law will be implied as a benchmark of statute law.
Currently defined as a universal truth, it is our highest point of perceived reason . It is also a divine law , natural law and a positive law. It is also defined as the basis of truth and the defining of truth.


The law currently does not stand on an ‘absolute’ truth. This means under current standards it presents itself as incorrect in totality, but due to our current understanding, it can now be defined. This new law will bring a solid foundation to the way law is written.
The new law will also help to give a balanced view to reasoned action in courts when considering Earth; being our universal other.

What it means for you

Better professional practice and Standardised equality for all, across all platforms.

Supplementary Evidence


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