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dumb commercial

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I just saw an ad for a Parmalat (the producing company) soy beverage called Soy Delicious. The ad involved a man grabbing a rabbit from a cage, rubbing it against his head and then sticking it to the wall like a balloon.

Is this supposed to have comic value? I wrote to Parmalat and explained that a lot of soy product consumers would be alienated by this advert.

Has anyone else seen this ad? I live in canada, and don't know if this product is available in the Unites States.

Does anyone else think this ad sounds awful?
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Originally posted by majake

Based on one brief meeting with him and you already know he has no inner strength to overcome his disabilities. Nice, Im sure he appreciates your support.
Why so sarcastic, majake?
Well, i for one really get pissed off when people assume because someone is disabled they cannot do anything for themselves, its rather demeaning if you ask me. I have worked with people who are severely physically disabled who did the same job as i as well as i did. I would venture to say that the greatest pitfall of disabled people in society are people who think disabled people cannot do anything for themselves.

DeeYahMK: Im sorry if im giving the impression to anyone you are an *******, as i wasn't meaning to. On the other hand if you had let me know just how disabled he really is then that might shown he would have trouble doing anything for himself, but even then i highly doubt he would be completely incapable of doing things for himself if he had inner strength to find ways to do things for himelf.
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Well this is a nice cozy convo. Please people stop yelling; we're starting to sound like the PETA boards...

And my point on the whole commercial is that I'm assuming the rabbit was at one point really on the wall? Can they fake that? Anyway I feel bad to see some animals in entertainment. Does the rabbit enjoy doing commercials for soymilk? Has anyone asked the rabbit for his opinion?

*gasp* Maybe the rabbit doesn't even like soy milk!
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If you want to debate seeing-eye dogs, take it to the compost heap. As for this commercial, I found it online at and I agree that it alienates one of their major target audiences.
I was surprised to see this ad ranked on the top 10 list at, so I sent them the following email:

[Post deleted due to shameful grammatical error]

I also sent a similar email to Parmalat.
Pickell: remember that exchange we had a month or so back about letters we send to companies? Me getting my facts straight, others getting their spelling straight? All that? In that spirit:

it's is a contraction of "it" and "is"

its is the possessive

FYI. Too late to do anything about it now, but maybe for future letters.
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haha. how did I KNOW you would post a reply finding something grammatically wrong with my letter! haha. I won't show you the letter I sent to the company. :p
Just watched the commercial. I can just imagine some nimrod thinking it's cute, or cool, or whatever, and trying to duplicate the "trick." Just waiting to hear about how a rabbit got nailed to a wall in Idaho or someplace...
I just saw it, too. That has to be the worst commercial ever aired and that spot doesn't make me think "buy this product". It makes me think "avoid anything and everything this company makes".
Originally posted by kpickell

haha. how did I KNOW you would post a reply finding something grammatically wrong with my letter! haha. I won't show you the letter I sent to the company. :p
That's cool. It's too late to anything about that one, anyway.
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I don't think vegans can drink this soy milk anyways since it contains vitamin D. After another email to the company asking about it, I got this reply:

"This is to acknowledge receipt of your recent e-mail to Parmalat Canada. Thank you for supplying me with the website where you found our Soy commercial. In response to your question, vitamin D comes from lanolin, which is a product of sheep wool fat. Once the lanolin has been synthetically processed there is free of all animal products. Lanolin is also used in many chewing gums and cosmetic products."
There is an advert over here...

A couple go round to another couple's house for dinner and the couple whose house it is put down a veggie dish declare that 'they are devote vegetarians'. At this the other couple run outta the house and tuck into some chicken curry!

I was not impressed to say the least
While we're on the topic of commercials, I saw one the other night for Nature's Gourmet made by Maple Leaf. Their reasoning to buy it... "It tastes so good, you'd never believe it's made with soy" Morons. That commercial just bugs me.
i guess i need to become more aware of what is hiding in these products. i never thought lanolin was in soy milk...i thought it just had topical applications. ugh.

what soy products don't have creepy ingredients hidden in them?
I've not seen that advertisement veggcore. I've stopped watching TV much of the time. Too much crap on TV these days.

I haven't really noticed any adverts which feature vegetarianism these days.
I don't like the soy commercials where they imply that the cows are sad that they aren't being used to make milk any more.


Why couldn't they show cows frolicing saying that now they get to retire (even though that is misleading as well, but better than implying cows want to be used to make dairy products for humans.)
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Hey I just remembered that I tried this stuff once and it has vitamin D3 and ergo is not vegan.
There's a commercial that totally bugs me, too:

Two guys are talking at a kids birthday party.

First guy: "What'd you eat for dinner?"

Second guy: "Pound and a half of ribs and some bbq chicken. You?"

First guy "A piece of quiche" (some versions have the whole line which is "a piece of quiche and a side salad")

Then the candles get blown out and the "quiche eater" gets blown across the room and slammed against a bookcase, sending stuff crashing. After the crashing stops, the second guy says "quiche" like he doesn't believe it and then the product pitchline comes on.

ARHGH! I hate that commercial!
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