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dumb commercial

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I just saw an ad for a Parmalat (the producing company) soy beverage called Soy Delicious. The ad involved a man grabbing a rabbit from a cage, rubbing it against his head and then sticking it to the wall like a balloon.

Is this supposed to have comic value? I wrote to Parmalat and explained that a lot of soy product consumers would be alienated by this advert.

Has anyone else seen this ad? I live in canada, and don't know if this product is available in the Unites States.

Does anyone else think this ad sounds awful?
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As opposed to the thousands of commercials that make humans look like idiots?

Was the rabbit hurt? Prolly not.

I don't see the big deal.
Miss meg,

I'm not sure abouththe rabbit really having a point. All i remeber is the guy rubbing that rabbit on his head saying how amazing he thought it was, and the soy beverage drinking girl sipped her drink, sighed and left the room. I think the point is suppoed to be that the drink is so amazing that not even sticking a rabbit to a wall would make you blink.

well i blinked, then i wrote the company!
anything that uses animals for humans' personal use or enjoyment should be banned.
The way animals are portrayed in commercials trivializes them in a way that inures humans to the idea that they are not sentient, independent beings. This desensitization leads to animal abuse. That's a big deal to me.

I tend to give people a little more credit. But maybe that's just me.
Ok, lets get one thing straight. When we talk about not using animals for ourselves we mean in a HARMFUL way. Seeing eye dogs are not harmful, the dogs get a companion, love and a job. We don't kill the dogs, and we don't keep them in horrible conditions. unless someone can prove me wrong.... In any case, that was totally twisting the post around. Of course, I could be completely off track but as far as I know, what I have said is true.
interesting discussion...

the parmalat people sent me an e-mail, saying they have forwarded my concerns to the marketing department.

I still stand firmly behind my opinion that this commercial is alienating to a large consumer group. perhaps the company will think twice about using foolish animal images in their advertising.
Oh i forgot to mention....dk_art is correct about the brand is not soy delicious, it is sensational soy...ooops. how ineffective to complain about a product when you don't even have the name right!!!
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i guess i need to become more aware of what is hiding in these products. i never thought lanolin was in soy milk...i thought it just had topical applications. ugh.

what soy products don't have creepy ingredients hidden in them?
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