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"soy beverage called Soy Delicious"


I believe it is Sensational Soy drink

or something with "sensation" in the title .... not Soy delicious (pretty sure) ... (the woman said ... it's not 'sensational' to the rabbit on wall )

And yes I did see it and was a little bothered by it really.

Who are these marketting "geniuses" anyway. Many of the people drinking this stuff will be vegans or vegetarians (I assume) who don't like seeing imagery of mistreating animals (I know it's probably trick computer work or whatever but I didn't like the imagery )

As you can see by the "Maple lodge farms" chicken as part of that company, they are not concerned with veggie issues which explains the stupid ad (almost as bad as the Maple Leaf chicken ad with the 'dog show' like scenario of judging chickens and running them around on a leash just like a dog show !! that ad frigging annoys me!)

I won't be buying any from that company
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