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dumb commercial

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I just saw an ad for a Parmalat (the producing company) soy beverage called Soy Delicious. The ad involved a man grabbing a rabbit from a cage, rubbing it against his head and then sticking it to the wall like a balloon.

Is this supposed to have comic value? I wrote to Parmalat and explained that a lot of soy product consumers would be alienated by this advert.

Has anyone else seen this ad? I live in canada, and don't know if this product is available in the Unites States.

Does anyone else think this ad sounds awful?
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I've heard of that brand, but have never their products or commercials. I'm tired of the way animals are portrayed in commercials. It trivializes them in a way that inures humans to the idea that they are not sentient, independent beings.
Originally posted by Gruntled Sheep

I don't see the big deal.
Allow me to explain again why it's a big deal:

The way animals are portrayed in commercials trivializes them in a way that inures humans to the idea that they are not sentient, independent beings. This desensitization leads to animal abuse. That's a big deal to me.
Originally posted by DeeYahMK

What "leads to animal abuse" is people that will abuse anything or anyone. When someone abuses, it's a form of trying to assert "authority" over a lesser being (wheather the lesser being is a female, child, animal...whatever). It's not commericals involving animals that does it - it's humans that abuse that does it. Blaming a :30 commercial is the same as blaming rock and roll for a sueside. It was not the music that did the damage - it was the damage already present that manifested itself to this form. For those that were raised in abuse or taught to believe that abuse is acceptable, they can recognize the pattern and change but that person has to see the need for change and want the change. Otherwise, the abuse continues. The abuse problem is not something caused by or led to from commercials, it is something caused by a line of abuse that stem sometimes 5 and 6 generations back -- long before Parmalot aired a stupid spot about a man rubbing a rabbit on his head and sticking it to a wall.
I agree that you are aware of one facet of this problem, but I think it is the argument of a more independent thinker to DENY that the pervasive imagery denigrating animals (not to mention women) as objects DOES have an impact on viewers, especially as those images accumulate in young, impressionable minds and are pounded in there after years and years of advertising.

Advertisers spend millions of dollars (billions, really) for one good reason: to make images stick in people's minds. It works. There's no substitute for good parenting but, as a filmmaker, I am quite aware of the power of images, and I will certainly endeavor to keep that in mind as I make films that will be seen by the general public.
Originally posted by Gruntled Sheep


I tend to give people a little more credit. But maybe that's just me.
That is sweet of you, really. I used to also, but I gave that up long ago. I'm still optimistic, but I've seen too many ignorant people that believe whatever they see and read. It's depressing sometimes.

I had to bite my tongue in the lunch room at my "temp" job today. Bunch of racists...
I don't include myself entirely in this group, but some people don't believe animals are for us to use in any way, including as seeing eye dogs. Personally, I think seeing eye dogs are just about the mildest form of domestic animal "impressment" (don't think this is a real word, but it's meant to convey "pressing into service"). I'm not a fan of breeding these animals to exist, if other options are available. If I was blind, I'd certainly want my companion animal to be a rescue, not bred.
Originally posted by majake

Based on one brief meeting with him and you already know he has no inner strength to overcome his disabilities. Nice, Im sure he appreciates your support.
Why so sarcastic, majake?
Pickell: remember that exchange we had a month or so back about letters we send to companies? Me getting my facts straight, others getting their spelling straight? All that? In that spirit:

it's is a contraction of "it" and "is"

its is the possessive

FYI. Too late to do anything about it now, but maybe for future letters.
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Just watched the commercial. I can just imagine some nimrod thinking it's cute, or cool, or whatever, and trying to duplicate the "trick." Just waiting to hear about how a rabbit got nailed to a wall in Idaho or someplace...
Originally posted by kpickell

haha. how did I KNOW you would post a reply finding something grammatically wrong with my letter! haha. I won't show you the letter I sent to the company. :p
That's cool. It's too late to anything about that one, anyway.
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