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dumb commercial

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I just saw an ad for a Parmalat (the producing company) soy beverage called Soy Delicious. The ad involved a man grabbing a rabbit from a cage, rubbing it against his head and then sticking it to the wall like a balloon.

Is this supposed to have comic value? I wrote to Parmalat and explained that a lot of soy product consumers would be alienated by this advert.

Has anyone else seen this ad? I live in canada, and don't know if this product is available in the Unites States.

Does anyone else think this ad sounds awful?
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parmalat - don't they produce milk and tomato sauce and stuff like that? I haven't seen anything like that on US tv or on CBC (the only Canadian channel we get), but it already sounds like a really stupid commercial. I agree with LF - was there a point to the rabbit or the rabbit being against the wall?

Now, if the rabbit rubbed a man on its head and stuck him to the wall.... that would be funny.
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Originally posted by epski

Allow me to explain again why it's a big deal:

The way animals are portrayed in commercials trivializes them in a way that inures humans to the idea that they are not sentient, independent beings. This desensitization leads to animal abuse. That's a big deal to me.
I believe I disagree. What "leads to animal abuse" is people that will abuse anything or anyone. When someone abuses, it's a form of trying to assert "authority" over a lesser being (wheather the lesser being is a female, child, animal...whatever). It's not commericals involving animals that does it - it's humans that abuse that does it. Blaming a :30 commercial is the same as blaming rock and roll for a sueside. It was not the music that did the damage - it was the damage already present that manifested itself to this form. For those that were raised in abuse or taught to believe that abuse is acceptable, they can recognize the pattern and change but that person has to see the need for change and want the change. Otherwise, the abuse continues. The abuse problem is not something caused by or led to from commercials, it is something caused by a line of abuse that stem sometimes 5 and 6 generations back -- long before Parmalot aired a stupid spot about a man rubbing a rabbit on his head and sticking it to a wall.
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Originally posted by epski

There's no substitute for good parenting but, as a filmmaker, I am quite aware of the power of images, and I will certainly endeavor to keep that in mind as I make films that will be seen by the general public.
Please do (in the filmmaking end, I mean). As a former director of a TV station, I'm also aware of the power of images (to tell a story, sell a product, whatever) and know that the advertisers we had were paying me for a service and that service was to make the thing they're trying to sell stick in the public mind, however good, however bad. I believe the exact nail was hit on the head when you said "there is no substitution for good parenting". The media can only do so much, but if the parent does not teach the basic right from wrongs, then the media is forced to be the parent and we all know where that leads to... The young, impressionable minds should be taught by their parents and need to be taught by their parents. The schools can't do it, the media can't do it (nor does it want the job, I might add), music can't do it and even the arts and sports figure "role models" fail. It all comes back to the parent. As a filmmaker, you can only do so much but until the individual parent takes the time to teach their kids, those images that you or anyone else present will be misconstrued and twisted to fit the improper reality.
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Originally posted by majake

hmm so all those thousands upon thousands of blind people who do not use seeing eye dogs can't do anything for themselves? interesting, and here i thought they were getting along just fine.
I didn't say anything about the "thousands upon thousands". I only mentioned one person. My cousin. Blind AND disabled, so his dog has to "pull double-duty". I've only met him once, just briefly, and don't know the story behind why he's this way (it's not from birth, that much I do know). There are some blind people that need and use seeing eye dogs, some that don't but just like everything else, you can't lump them all in one collective group.

Besides, we're not talking about seeing eye dogs here, we're talking about commecials. Dumb commercials. Commercials that stick an animal in there for the cute factor tie-in for their product.
I just saw it, too. That has to be the worst commercial ever aired and that spot doesn't make me think "buy this product". It makes me think "avoid anything and everything this company makes".
There's a commercial that totally bugs me, too:

Two guys are talking at a kids birthday party.

First guy: "What'd you eat for dinner?"

Second guy: "Pound and a half of ribs and some bbq chicken. You?"

First guy "A piece of quiche" (some versions have the whole line which is "a piece of quiche and a side salad")

Then the candles get blown out and the "quiche eater" gets blown across the room and slammed against a bookcase, sending stuff crashing. After the crashing stops, the second guy says "quiche" like he doesn't believe it and then the product pitchline comes on.

ARHGH! I hate that commercial!
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