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Hey guys,

I've just got myself a slowcooker and am wondering what I can do with it. I have many ideas so far.

The main thing I am wondering right now is;

Can I add dried stuff (specifically, because that's what I have in the house, dried red split lentils, dried butter beans, dried chickpeas, oh and buckwheat but I know it's not the same!) to some cold water, stock and whatever fresh veggies I'm putting in, put it on low, go to work and come home 8/9 hours later to have something nice ready?

It's just these dried wholefoods, bar buckwheat obviously, they all say on the packet to soak for 8 or so hours, rinse, boil for however long, rinse again, and serve. Is this just to prevent some kind of bacteria or is it over the top?

I specifically need pretty long recipes because of my work hours and general lack of time. I have considered using an external timer on the slow cooker but I am reluctant to do so because I do actually eat meat and want to use meat in recipes with the slow cooker, I just thought that this forum would give me the best advice!

Also, if anyone can point me in the direction of some nice, long, slow cooker recipes, with or without meat, that would be appreciated.

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