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So I moved into a new flat 2 weeks ago, its just me and one flatmate (who happens to own the house). I brought my two cats with me. For the first 4 days I kept them locked inside, then I decided to let them out as they were super settled and calm. That went really well and they are happy.<br>
Then they met the flatmates dog Bella. Bella is a tiny dog, like a terrier or something. She is only a tiny bit bigger than the cats. Bella lives upstairs, me and my cats live downstairs. They share a cat flap into the garden downstairs.<br><br>
The problem lies in their interactions. The first week the cats would go into hiding for several hours every time Bella ventured downstairs to go toilet (she doesn't come down for any other reason). Then Sparta (my adolescent cat) decided that she was fascinating and started staring at her etc.<br><br>
It has now reached the point where his curiosity results in him getting so close that Bella is scared, as he hisses and spits at her (seems like self defence when he gets close and then freaks out). This wouldn't be such a big deal except that Bella is now refusing to come downstairs and use the toilet and has been going upstairs on the carpet in my flatmates living room.<br><br>
At this stage she is understanding of the situation but mildly annoyed at having to clean up after her dog. I am a bit worried that if this doesn't change we might be asked to leave etc. Its a great place, and my flatmate is lovely so I don't want that to happen.<br><br>
Any advice on how to encourage the two of them to live harmoniously??
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