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Dog Bite

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I got bit in the hand today by a dog and it's pretty bad. not bad enough to go to the doctor, but it's kinda deep and hurts real bad. I know that there are no rabies because it's my friends dog, but is there anything else I should be worried about. It did break the skin and bleed. Is the doctor necessary?
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jlr, i think sometimes they put dogs in quarintine for a set amount of time for observation...

if the dog seems healthy after so long, they clear it for rabies

the shots for humans arent so bad as they used to be... i used to live across the street from this kid who got bit by a rabid dog... he said it wasnt too bad

melissa, you should definitely have your bite looked at...

infection is a real risk because even though dogs mouths are cleaner than humans... theres still lots of bacteria that thrive there

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