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I had asked my ENT a few days ago if my sinus problems was the dairy I been eating and consuming the last several weeks because my teeth issues, I needed the dairy stuff like ice creams and stuff to eat. He said it was less likely that dairy had any cause unless I am allergic to dairy. I did mention I am going Veg and changing my diet around he didn't sound to excited about it but, at least it will help me feel better.
I think the First Lady and the President we have right now has a good chance of supporting a Vegan and Vegeterian diet since they are promoting healthy eating however, the rest of the government i have no idea. I wish they can give people that are on food assistance programs and or ssi discounts on all foods especially the natural and Veg friendly food.
My husband commented a few days ago at the store why is it that the unhealthy foods are more cheaper then the healthy ones it should be the other way around? I told him its a marketing plow.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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