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Does anyone have the New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook?

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I found a recipe online from this book.....Lentil was super simple to make and very very yummy, so i am wondering about this book.
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This was actually the first vegetarian cook book I got when I went veg at 11 (it's actually vegan, but I was still L/O at the time so I cheesed things).

The tofu spinach pie, tofu pot pie and TVP meatballs are very yummy, and I really like that there isn't much in the way of processed food in it because it's so old. It's also very inexpensive to cook out of.

I'm not a big fan of the baking recipes (cakes, etc. were all pretty bad to really bad, breads are just OK) but most of the savory recipes are yummy.

I really don't cook all that much out of it anymore, but it's pretty beat up and gave me a great base of things I never would have tried. It really helped me transition from my mother's southern cooking, and veganize things I missed (GRAVY!).
This was the first vegetarian cookbook I had - and I borrowed it from the library. It thought it was pretty good, but it was very "hippie"... the next cookbook I got was "The New Not-Strictly Vegetarian Cookbook" and I liked it a lot better -- the recipes are much more versatile and almost every recipe can be made vegetarian.

I still use this cookbook, and I bought it in 1995...
I've got a 1978 copy of this cookbook and its very well used, even today. As said before it is very hippie but it covers all meals and most of the recipes are very easy using basic easy to find ingredients. It also tells you how to make your own tofu and soymilk as well as homemade seitan. It also has helpful advice about raising vegetarian children and basic nutrition. I would recommend this book for beginners, homesteaders or hippies
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LOL, well I am not a beginner, homesteader, or hippie, ( well maybe a little hippieish!)

I just thought the recipe was so simple and was wondering if the whole book was like that........i like simple recipes with simple ingredients

I may check it out at the library next time I go. it sounds like it may be something I would use a lot.

I still use my dog eared original Moosewood, but i have to change around the ingredients a lot, there is TONS of dairy in those recipes, very fattening.
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Bonoluvr, I think you'd like the book! Most of it is simple, but for the most part - CHEAP. No complicated health-food-store ingredients or stuff you have to make a special trip to Whole Foods for!!

It's usually available on Amazon or EBay if you keep an eye out. I have a copy and agree with whoever said the baking recipes are just But the loaf recipes and such are yummy.
I remember (back in the day) making a Garbanzo Bean Bake from that cookbook and it was really really good....

I was a stoner hippie at the time, so YMMV....
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I have this book and it has a lot of good, easy recipes in it.
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No one provide a link to a store, is it available in amazon?
Also what's the difference between this book and a search online about a veggie plate?.
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