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I never watched much television, until I found IRC (and later Bittorrent). The idea that I could watch entire series in one go rather than waiting weeks between each show really gave me a new appreciation for TV.
Unlike you, I've always watched TV, but I agree Bittorrent makes things so much more bearable, especially with reality TV where I want to find out what happens now and not next week.

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You Tube, OMG, What next? I have an older outdoor antenna that brings in 2 channels, that's right, only 2 channels. No fighting over the remote control here. LOL

I do have a whack of movies on VIDEO though, like, the Holy Grail, Blazing Saddles, The Great Outdoors, even My Friend Flicka.

And my new favorite TV show is 'Men In Trees', when I watch it I laugh, I cry, but most of all, it makes me think.
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