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Hi Woofie - -
I am brand new to this - - so I am not sure I'm qualified to answer! I'm halfway into the 30 day Vegan challenge and I feel great! I like to cook and try new recipes so I havent really been eating anything processed - and that might help too. More than anything I'm eating tons of veggies and beans - - the beans keep me full - - i'm never hungry, noticed i'm snacking less and I think i may have lost a few pounds. I have more energy and I think I look better - - my skin mostly - - it was never bad but now I would swear it "glows"!

I'm sure theres lots of crappy junk food out there that is Vegan, so you are right that being vegan doenst = being healthy.

I was in a thrift shop last week and scored some vegan books - - Veganomicon (huge score - I love this book!) and Veganist (which is just ok, but does a really good job of telling you how GREAT you can feel on a vegan diet!)

GL to you!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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